Grow your businessI'm delighted and relieved to launch my first ‘proper' book on Amazon.

Grow Your Business – A crash course in online marketing

The book is currently being offered at a special launch price, and the price will soon increase to the normal price, so click here to order now before the price increases.

Here's the description:

Is your small business desperate to find more customers? Busting the budget paying for adverts that bomb? Wondering why your competitors are streaking ahead of you and snatching business from under your nose? This book shows you how to…

  • Attract new clients and keep them loyal to you
  • Be the person in your industry on everyone’s speed-dial
  • Avoid the perils of relying on social media promotions
  • Find web-designers at prices so low your jaw will drop
  • Avoid the 5 deadly blunders most online newbies make
  • Foil the hackers’ evil designs of hijacking your site
  • Turn your years of experience into a stream of passive profits bringing income even while you’re sleeping

Joy’s book is easy to read and waffle-free with simple action steps.

Because it’s short and succinct, you’ll be able to finish it in one sitting and start growing your business today.

Bio: Joy Healey started her online business after 35 years self-employed in Information Technology. As a small business person and a computer professional, she imagined ‘getting online’ would be easy. But online marketing is different, so she made the same mistakes most beginners make – costing time, money and stress.

Because she has been where you are now, she wants to fast-track you past the traps and money-pits that catch the unwary. Learn from her mistakes and let Joy’s book be your online guide.