free group teaches online income from affiliate marketingDid you see my earlier posts about a free Facebook training group where you can learn list building and become an affiliate marketer – while at the same time earning commission from people you introduce?

And all without making any purchases yourself?

Ready to learn more? >>> Click here (affiliate link).

The group is going from strength to strength after a complete re-vamp. It's better than ever – packed with even more free training.

By the way …. if you think you can start an online business without spending ANY money, I'm afraid you would normally be in for a rude awakening – but the training in this group IS free, and shows you how to get started without spending money, because you can earn on the purchases of others who you introduce to this free training.

Register for the training above and see how it works.  Even expert marketers can pick up new tips, and because of the 2-level affiliate plan, experienced marketers are in a good position to help newcomers get started.

So – first off, YOU can enjoy the training and learn from it – no need to make any purchases.

Then if you enjoy the training and see how it can help others coming to the group, you're encouraged to invite other struggling Internet Marketers and if THEY make a purchase you can make a commission (in most cases even if you haven't made any purchases yourself.)

Oh – and they'll be ‘cookied to you' for a year, so if they make any purchase within a year, you'll earn the commission, and the purchase re-cookies them to you for another year! This is a good use of cookies.

Update July 2022

Following the death of my Dad in early 2021 I had to take a long break from online marketing to get his affairs and business in order. But during that time, still commissions dribbled in from this group, despite my complete inactivity

So, curious, I returned to the free back-office and found no end of helpful improvements have been made. The accumulation of free training within the back-office is mind-blowing. If you can't apply one or more of those techniques to make money online, you'd better give up.

Yes, the training is free, so where does the money come from?

Profits are generated when you apply the training to share products that others may purchase. There's a two-level affiliate program in most cases, so you can also use the tools and training to build a team of affiliates working for you. THAT'S where my commissions had come from.

When I first wrote this post, some of the training was a little complicated to apply, and I obviously wasn't the only one to find that, so since then it's been vastly improved and simplified.

People who have never earned a cent online are now making excellent commissions.

Affiliate Marketing That Helps YOU

Of course, you'll need to follow the training in the group to get yourself set up correctly. Affiliate marketing isn't as easy as some of the ‘gurus' would encourage you to believe.

Here are some of the skills you will need to learn before you can even start marketing an affiliate product effectively:

  • Create attractive banners that don't look as if they've been produced by amateurs.
  • Produce sales copy that converts leads into sales.
  • Produce sales videos – you might be good on video, if so – great, but my own mother wouldn't buy from me I look so shifty and nervous in videos.
  • Hold regular live webinars that give value and have attendees begging to purchase products from you
  • How to get approved to promote certain products at affiliate networks. You'll learn why the big marketers don't actually WANT ‘little old newbie you' promoting their newly released products – and what we can do to help you round this problem.
  • Recruit an army of affiliates whose efforts you can earn from – and all the training they need is provided free of charge in the back-office you'll have access to.

You'll be able to take advantage of all the experts in this huge team, to help you do all this and more….

Learn List Building

Every successful marketer understands that ‘The Money is in the List' – which means that you're extremely unlikely to make a sale of any product the first time a visitor to your site comes across it.

They'll most likely go off on a research tour and forget all about you.
free list building training

But if you ‘capture' their information and save it to your own email list, you'll be able to send them further information related to the product they first enquired about, and as you build up the trust factor of hearing from you regularly, in time, that ‘prospective lead' may become a customer – over and over again – assuming you deliver a good product!

(The good news is that you don't have to go to the trouble of creating your own product – the products are produced for you, within the group.)

I only started making a regular income online when I started my own list building.

But it isn't as easy as the ‘gurus' try to tell you, when they sell you expensive training!

This free Facebook group will teach you all you need to know.

Whether you make sales on day 1 or not, you will have started building your email list – the key to any profitable online business.

Free List Building Training You Can Earn and Learn From 1

Free Training You Can Earn and Learn From

When you join our group you'll understand the ways you have been tricked and deceived into delivering your hard won leads into the hands of marketers more expert than you are.

Once you've been through the free training and set everything up correctly you can earn regular commissions on people you've recommended join the group and watch the trainings.

Once I couldn't attend the free training, BUT when I logged into my back-office later that day I'd made $80 commission.Free List Building Training You Can Earn and Learn From 2 You can get happy surprises like that too.

Just a few days later, my commission had increased to $200 from sales made within the group, to people I had introduced.

Since then it has increased even further – largely from work I had done months ago, because – as mentioned – I have been inactive of late.

But my earnings pale into insignificance compared to the earnings of those in the group who have remained consistently active. There are MANY five-figure earners and when you join us you'll see – early on in the training – proof of earnings from newbies to experts alike.

I was so impressed by what had happened when I was inactive I took the monthly upgrade for higher commissions and – despite being very part-time in online business – my commissions have increased to over $1500.

Free List Building Training You Can Earn and Learn From 3

No magic – just training you can earn and learn from. All you need to do is share the opportunity with those who'd like to learn affiliate marketing and / or list building!

You will be helping them stay away from some of the seamier side of Internet Marketing – trust me, I learned the hard way!

The group hosts regular training sessions where, if anyone you have introduced makes a purchase, you can earn a commission.

Start off with the free training here and I'll be your guide.