I saw today how Joy did quite a bit of driving to spend time with her dad this weekend.

I know she had a fun time but also realize how exhausting driving can be. Being a frequent traveler and getting around by car in the Northeast USA these days, even 3 hours of driving feels tiring. Driving for 10 hours all together feels incredibly tiring. Knowing this, a question came to mind:

How can I help her?

I know Joy publishes helpful content routinely on her authority blog, displaying her skills, knowledge and ample energy. I also know she may feel a bit tired after all of that driving and tending to her business needs. I figured that writing this guest post may give her a content break for some rest and recovery. Simply grabbing an image and tapping the “publish” button allows her to generate passive traffic. I love it when my trusted guest posters write and submit guest posts. I upload an image, publish the post, share it across a few channels and drive passive traffic while giving my blogging buddies greater traffic and profit potential.

I also benefit from helping her too. Driving traffic to my blog and expanding my online presence through this guest post benefits me. But my primary intent is to help a fellow blogger because pondering and acting on this help question gives you the:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

to accelerate your blogging success. Helping people for free positions you to help people for pay. This simple blogging formula of giving and receiving only works for generous bloggers because free givers become free receivers too. But bloggers only become generous by habitually questioning how bloggers can help:

  • fellow bloggers
  • readers
  • customers
  • clients

Helping people ultimately boils down to offering free content or premium products and services to solve their problems. Helping people requires you to be in service mode versus being in self-service mode. I immediately thought of helping Joy because I know how tiring driving long distances feels. I did not help her because I wanted to drive traffic and profits for myself.  Self-serving bloggers become lone wolf bloggers because people sense a selfish, greedy blogger a mile away and avoid these folks like the plague.

I sometimes get emails or messages from people who introduce themselves, ask me how I am doing then pitch me their business opportunity. Obviously, these self-serving people had no interest in helping me but solely wanted to help themselves by increasing their bottom line. These greedy entrepreneurs could care less about me and how I am doing; I was basically a big fish to catch, a number, an influencer, ripe for the picking. I immediately block self-serving bloggers or label their emails as spam and move on because I only surround myself with generous, genuine bloggers like Joy.

Ryan Biddulph How to Find Your Writing VoiceHow can you help bloggers? Promote bloggers on your blog. Retweet their blog posts. Share their blog posts on Facebook. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Write guest posts for them. Or open your blog to guest posting. The skills you gain, blogging friendships you develop, exposure you earn and the credibility you build help you become a thriving professional blogger because you chose to be of service versus being hellbent on serving your self. Think of how you can help your readers. Ask of their struggles. Publish content through your blog posts, videos and podcasts to solve their most pressing problems.

Success flows to helpful bloggers….so…..help!


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