I recorded a podcast today asking this question.

Why not ask it again on Joy's rocking blog?

What blogging patterns have you overlooked recently? Bloggers sometimes charge ahead mindlessly. Some bloggers obsess so heavily on trying to get ahead that they forget to observe what seems to be working and what does not seem to be working.

Professional bloggers pay close attention to patterns in order to leverage their presence quicker than bloggers who completely ignore or overlook obvious patterns.

Pattern Examples

I pulled back from publishing daily podcasts months ago.

But scanning podcast metrics a few weeks back clued me in; a higher number of listeners had gravitated to my podcast during my less frequent publishing schedule. Even better? After publishing daily – or every other day – for a few weeks recently I spotted the pattern of daily listens surging. I only noticed this pattern because I paused, took a deep breath and observed a sharp rise in metrics.

Being at least somewhat intelligent, I began publishing podcasts every 1-2 days as listens per episode tripled or even quadrupled compared to listens from months ago. I position myself to:

  • help more bloggers
  • drive more traffic
  • make more money

because I noticed this pattern.

I noted another pattern years ago. My readership in India has steadily been on the rise year over year. Noting this pattern back before 2014 inspired me to write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon in part because my Indian readers can seamlessly shop from Amazon India. I also write and publish at least 2-3 guest posts daily for dear Indian blogging buddies of mine to increase my exposure there and to provide my good friends with passive blog traffic.

What Do You Miss?

What patterns do you overlook?

Honestly assess dots you do not seem to be connecting. Struggling, failing or experiencing muted success often means you overlooked a series of blogging patterns screaming for your attention. Do your readers seem to share specific types of blog posts to Facebook and Twitter? Does a growing percentage of your audience live in a particular country? How can you better serve these readers for mutual benefit?

I focus mainly on mindset-themed blogging tips posts because this topic feels fun to explore and is in my wheelhouse but I also noted how few bloggers covered mindset and blogging in-depth. The average blogging tips blogger pattern of publishing practical tips style posts nudged me to publish mainly blogging mindset posts.  Yet another pattern followed; readers offered me positive feedback via email, blog comments and social media. I simply continued to publish blogging mindset posts and never looked back.

Observe your blogging campaign. Identify patterns to capitalize on trends benefitting your readers to benefit yourself. Pay close attention to week over week and month over month patterns. Each trend needs ample time to build momentum because you only spot patterns by honoring the principle of contrast.Ryan Biddulph Cure Online Business Burnout.

Hop all over patterns the moment you see a strong trend developing. One of my core blogging intents is to promote the living stuffing out of my eBooks to help my readers and to spread the word. Noting how Joy freely promotes my eBooks through all of her posts, going above and beyond, inspires me to return here and share as much value as possible as frequently as possible. She has been incredibly generous, kind and welcoming so I simply do my best to keep helping friends who resonate with what I have to offer, blogging-wise and eBook-wise.

Even though I do not focus heavily on metrics I do carefully observe stats every once in a while to capitalize on patterns.

If something appears to be working quite well, you may as well give it more attention and energy, right?


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