I do appreciate how we are all busy bees. Totally get it. I have quite a bit to do each day.

Today, I intend to write and publish a high volume of helpful guest posts. Toss in a helpful post or 2 on Blogging From Paradise. Plus me and my wife are selling our home. We will be full time digital nomads. Prepping the house for a move, working my blogging business, promoting my eBooks and courses and spending hours daily on mindset training feels a bit overwhelming to me sometimes. In these moments I slow down, calm down and become mindful of myself and my surroundings because mindfulness is a hallmark of professional bloggers.

I scan comments – and sometimes reply schedule permitting – of blogs where I guest post. Without fail, rocking readers address the blog owner sometimes in response to my guest post. I never take it personal. Pullleeese 😉 But I mindfully note how a reader is in such a hurry that they literally do not read the end of the post to see my name in the author bio box. Literally, the reader does not scan the author link at the beginning of the blog post.

Would I want to do business with this individual, down the road, or currently? Nope. Would I retweet one of their posts? Nope. Would I click through to their blog, comment genuinely and begin bonding with the individual? Nope. Nothing personal of course, but if the blogger is so filled with fear, frenzied and mindless that they cannot take 2 seconds to read my name – as the post author – we do not have a future together outside of perhaps someone addressing their error after reading a future guest post of mine.

My endorsement, promotion or links help you become more successful. Ditto for other professional bloggers you impress. I had to be mindful to go pro. I had to note all the small details, the networking tips, the monetizing tips, spotting people's problems, pinpointing suffering, observing reader's dreams, and I had to do these things with a laser-focused mind.

Nobody succeeds by mindlessly plowing through the day because all the traffic, profits, friendships and generous service reveals itself in bloggers who mindfully notice what needs to be noticed in order to become successful.

Observe Your Blogging World

Begin to closely notice your blogging world. Spot details, patterns and connections. Are you REALLY paying attention? If so, I bet you notice me writing and not dictating this post. Shorter paragraphs, shorter post and a general streamlined nature indicate I sat down to write this blog post versus dictating and editing. Both my written and dictated posts help you with beneficial blogging tips but the mindful bloggers note a difference, and those folks are pros or will be pros because they slow down, calm down and observe the blogging world around them.

The professional career is in the blogging details but only mindful bloggers spot these details. Nobody else makes the connections. No other bloggers go pro because like the inaccurate comment example above, no one gets a second chance to make first impressions. Pro bloggers move forward slowly, but incredibly mindfully. Impressing professionals is one key to becoming successful online. Pros open profitable doors for you. Pay attention to these people. Cyber wine and dine them. Note how they wrote a guest post, address them by name and help them without asking for anything in return.

pro blogging tips from blogger Ryan BiddulphMindfully address reader problems. Spot patterns. What sells? What does not sell? What posts resonate? What posts seem to fall flat? Being mindful allows you to form bonds, to keep doing what works and to stop doing what does not work. All key points to becoming a professional blogger.


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