No two snowflakes are alike.

No two bloggers are alike.

I create and publish one video daily. I also advise broadcasting live for all bloggers – at least once – to overcome deep fears related to:

  • self-consciousness
  • criticism
  • failure
  • embarrassment

But your blogging journey will differ from mine. Perhaps you follow some of my blogging advice. But never blindly follow my blogging advice just because I offer the knowledge because before following any teaching, put the teaching into practice for a bit or filter it through your own personal situation. Otherwise, you parrot me, mimic me and try to take my path when it's your genuine path that allows you to:

  • serve the most people
  • be the most generous
  • stand out from the crowd
  • drive the most traffic
  • live your dreams

I cultivated talents some pro bloggers told me not to cultivate. Some pros told me blog commenting was a waste of time. But blog commenting helped me make friends, create value and circle the globe as a pro blogger. I even wrote an eBook about blog commenting to share my experience with you. Blog commenting may not be for you, though. That's OK. Maybe commenting genuinely on blogs feels heavy, leaden, a genuine burden. Video marketing feels resonant, or perhaps guest posting floats your blogging boat.

Being open-minded but discerning, flexible but firm with following your vision and willing to filter pro blogging advice through your heart makes the difference between blogging mindlessly and struggling, versus blogging mindfully and succeeding. I intend for newbie bloggers to buy my blog commenting eBook above because some have absolutely no idea blog commenting – done right – leads to such meaningful, long term blogging success.

Smart bloggers often follow a fair chunk of pro blogger advice, like sticking to your blogging niche. I uploaded this video years ago explaining why sticking to your niche boosts blogging profits:

But wise bloggers never blindly follow pro blogger advice because before doing something, you need to have a fun, freeing albeit uncomfortable reason why you do something… least if you want to become a pro blogger.

SEO and List-Building? Nah…..

Some top pro bloggers suggested I would fail miserably unless I employed SEO to drive Google traffic. Others advised any blogger who refuses to build a list is a fool, because I would “be leaving money on the table”. Thank goodness, you and I live in a universe with 100,000,000,000 to an infinite number of ways to make money online. I never vibed with doing SEO or list building. Rather than try to force a square peg into a round hole, I simply created content generously and made blogging friends genuinely. I have done OK, becoming an island hopping, pro blogger.

pro blogger advice from Ryan Biddulph I never follow pro blogger advice mindlessly because what works for one pro may or may not work for other pros. Pro bloggers need to pay a certain clarity-confidence tuition based on releasing specific tried and true blogging strategies to take *your unique* blogging path from a clear, confident energy. I challenged my doubts and sat through “second guessing myself” sessions after abandoning SEO and not actively emailing my list for years to become confident and clear.

I do email my list daily now but it's a tiny – I mean that – group of active subscribers. I let go what felt heavy, leaden and tiring to me to engage in what felt light, freeing and energizing to me, even though most pro bloggers advised I do those things….or else!

Find your genuine blogging path. Expect to follow plenty of solid, pro blogger advice but only after mindfully running the advice through your unique filters. Take a blogging technique for a test drive, for a bit. Does it feel resonant? Yes? Keep using the strategy. But let go what feels heavy after a test run.  Sometimes, you know to pass on blogging advice because no resonance exists.

Trust pro bloggers but never follow them blindly. Pick and choose to find the most successful blogger version of you.