Blogging is fascinating.

Blogging drivers vary. Observing these drivers seems interesting to me.

People begin this journey trying to be popular. Bloggers want to blog for everyone. Cool. So they rush to grab any guest post, comment or interview opportunity for any blogger breathing. Guess what happens? Nothing. Sure you share value but…..for who? People who have little to no interest in your blog, niche and business cannot help grow your business to the full time level. But loyal fans who love the one thing you do can do miraculous things for your blog and business.

Blogging for everyone burns you out. Blogging for everyone forces you into the dreaded numbers game. Eventually, bloggers run out of time, energy and mojo trying to blog for everyone because the world loves, trusts and follows specialists, not generalists.

I recall a millionaire blogger whom I followed as a newbie online, some 10 years ago. He shared how he became a millionaire with a tiny email list. I never could understand this at the time because I mired myself in the fear-beginner mindset of trying to be popular, trying to be seen in as many spots as possible, and manipulating the world to gain epic, global exposure. I soon learned – the hard way – how blogging for 1 person interested in 1 thing leads to success while blogging for everyone leads to failure.

Specialists go pro because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Do one thing for one person to do it really well.

Specialists go pro because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Do one thing for one person to do it really well. Click To Tweet

Blog for one person, interested in one thing, one niche. Something neat happens; your clarity, focus and concentration allows loyal fans to flock to you. Think attraction, versus running around like a headless chicken, blogging for anyone and everyone.

Loyal fans share your message with like-minded, loyal fans in their friend network. Your traffic and business grows. More loyal fans flock to you as you keep blogging for 1 person, covering 1 niche, relaying 1 message.

For example, I cover blogging tips all day long through my blog, guest posts, videos and podcasts…..ok, mostly 😉 But 9 out of 10 times, I only create blogging tips content. People who want blogging tips follow me closely. Said people share my blogging tips for other people who want blogging tips. This 1 person, this 1 reader, keeps multiplying into more people. More people who love what you do simply grow your business.

But connecting with this one person requires you to get uber clear on blogging solely for that one person. I am talking about laser-like clarity here.

The process is so simple to understand but uncomfortable for your ego to face, embrace and embody because ego and its fears keeps telling you to be more popular, to reach more people, because ego believes more humans equals more traffic and more money. Absolutely not. More humans who have no interest in your blogging niche mean nothing to you, your blog and your business. Running in circles to grab the attention span of any human to be more popular eventually leads to struggle, burn out and failure, because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give attention and energy to anybody, and you become popular but make no money blogging and drive no traffic. Give attention and energy primarily to people vibing with your blogging niche – that 1 ideal reader, aka, avatar – and you slowly but steadily drive traffic and make more money blogging.

Ryan Biddulph Blogging Lesson - blog for one person

Keep a single reader in mind before doing anything blogging-wise. Serve this person through your blog and across multiple channels online. Laser target your blogging campaign. Again; pinpointing this person allows this person to flow to you because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Effective, efficient bloggers waste no motion trying to connect with uninterested people. Pros – and aspiring pros – connect only with interested readers to save time, energy and to leverage intelligently.

Hyper target your blogging campaign. Focus on helping a single reader by covering a single niche to solve their core, pressing problems in that niche. Blogging is simple all the time but highly uncomfortable sometimes because facing, feeling and releasing fears arising in mind – telling you to go for being popular, to give up, or to stop wasting your time – feels highly unpleasant. Simply see the journey through, wading through the minefield of emotions we all face, feel and release, to gain greater worldly success as we help more folks highly interested in what we do.


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