Ryan Biddulph asks: Should you tell the truth in blogging? Here's what Ryan says….

I scanned YouTube a few moments ago. Saw an awesome-looking super car. I looked up the guy who owns the car. He is a generous, positive, uplifting dude. When I looked him up on Google, he recently made a few dishonest decisions based on not being truthful with self and with people he did business with. Naturally, his reputation and finances will probably take a hit. Always tell the truth. Keep your good reputation. Make more and more money. Sleep well at night.

After watching a Warren Buffet documentary yesterday, I learned how the dude is about the most truthful, honest billionaire who ever lived. He has routinely been one of the world's wealthiest men for decades yet has virtually no legal issues. Him working in finance, this is unheard of. People do not say bad things about the guy because he is honest, truthful and straight in all he does. He maintains his good reputation. He makes more and more money because people trust his investment advice, hop on board and all his crew and clients make more money. Why? He tells the truth. He does not lie. He lives with integrity, business-wise.

During super lean, struggling years, I had some serious financial issues. But I eventually faced the issues truthfully, told the truth to all involved, and received help to resolve the issues. Why? I told the truth to myself and to people I worked with, who helped me get through these tough times. Any time I tried to avoid the truth, I ran into nightmares, headaches and deeper problems. Any time I told the truth, life improved immediately, even if I felt uncomfortable telling the truth.

This is why you should always tell the truth, blogging-wise and life-wise. Your journey feels super uncomfortable and scary sometimes, but 100% of the time, you keep your good blogging reputation, you sleep well at night because you are BEING genuine and authentic in all you do, people trust you, boosting course sales and client acquisition, and as an added bonus, you avoid legal problems, nightmares, headaches and enraged clients and customers who hound you for your dishonesty.

The truth sets you and everybody you deal with, completely free. Most people can appreciate your truth; seamless relationship. Some people cannot handle the truth; these are the few fools who fight you, for your telling the truth. Truthful bloggers maintain sterling, pristine reputations. If these bloggers make a mistake, they own the mistake, admit the error, apologize, and move in the opposite direction.

To everybody's surprise, Warren Buffet bought a financial firm. He did not like the culture of such firms. Soon after, the firm slammed into a huge crises based on employees not telling the truth.  Buffet immediately owned the mistake – even though he did not own the company during the dishonest transgression – and apologized to clients, to the general public and to Americans. THIS is why he has immense integrity; he owned a mistake made by others under his charge, apologized genuinely, and vowed to move in the opposite direction, maintaining his spotless reputation.

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I happily and humbly own all blogging mistakes I made, and all problems I suffered through, being truthful with myself and you. I recall one client who I fought with because I lost my cool. Being truthful with myself, I apologized, owned my foolishness, and went on to make a friend while making some dough through our business transactions.

You will do astounding things in your blogging niche if you tell the truth because few bloggers blog from a genuine, authentic, 100% truthful vibe. Be honest. Tell the truth. Position yourself to be super successful over the long haul.


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