Some bloggers claim that the only way to succeed is to grow a big email list.

Other bloggers apparently know that driving a heavy volume of Google traffic is the only way to go pro.

I know neither statement is true 100% of the time because:

bloggers succeed through many different strategies.

I guest blog, blog and publish genuine comments on blogs. Little Google or email traffic flows to Blogging From Paradise. I did what worked for me and my readers. Other bloggers build large lists. Some bloggers build small but highly targeted lists. Some bloggers abandon list-building entirely to succeed through other avenues, channels or tactics. Yet other bloggers build huge, loyal social media followings to succeed.

Never pigeon hole yourself. Do not blindly believe that 1 blogging size fits all in terms of becoming a professional blogger. Some of what I teach does not resonate with you. Let go what does not sing to you to make room for different blogging strategies consistent with your vision. No one way to succeed online exists. Bloggers succeed through many different strategies.

One huge blogging problem arises; bloggers fail for believing solely one way to succeed online exists. Imagine if you deeply believe the only way to go pro involves building a huge email list. What happens if list-building does not seem to be for you? Failure and quitting happens. Bloggers possess incredible potential but completely obliterate any chances to succeed by believing one way to prosper exists then observing the way as being non-resonant. Out goes the way; out goes the chance at being a successful blogger.

Do not parrot back narrow-minded advice, either. Amateur bloggers cannot get themselves off of the hook by claiming to know one successful path exists solely because a mentor makes the same claims. I always taught to create and connect but never heavily attached to any one practical ways or means because ways and means change but the principles remain constant. I may blog today. But if blogging feels a bit off today I may guest blog. But if I do not feel resonant with writing I may broadcast live on Facebook.

The beauty of blogging is that you and I can prosper through many different means but never need to marry any one way to profit. I prefer blogging and guest blogging. Perhaps video marketing vibes with you. Simply be present with whatever arises in terms of hunches, gut pulls and other ways and means to prosper. Every person boasts different talents. Aspects of blogging may come easier to you than I; follow your natural talents over trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

I recorded a video recently concerning honoring your genuine path on this life journey.

Check it out here:

Living your genuine blogging truth means letting go other ways, means and paths potentially non-resonant with what you do. In essence, once you live your life blogging-wise you will not preach that only 1 way to succeed exists online.

Find the blogging path and strategies that work for you. Stop trying to force traffic and profits through channels resonant with most pro bloggers. Perhaps some of these tactics seem resonant with you but maybe most do not work for you. Trying to force traffic through strategies not within your passions, talents and overall skill sets wastes your time and wastes the time of your readers. Focus instead on doing something you genuinely love to be helpful for your community.

Being passionate about your blogging campaign brings you greater success than any other factor.