Blogging From Paradise ranks #1 on page 1 of Google for this term:

blogging income claims

The post topped Google for this search term for the 3 months since I re-published the blog post right up to this moment. Did I try to rank it? Yes. But what ultimately led to the Google algorithm choosing this to be the #1 result from the moment I updated and re-published the post until now? How did the post dominate Google to the point of outranking a billion dollar company?

Consider these factors:

  • 10,000 plus hours of blogging practice and experience
  • building domain authority over 7 years
  • updating and re-publishing the post years after the initial publish date
  • knowing how to SEO-optimize blog posts effectively through learning, application and a sense of detachment

Google traffic eludes most bloggers because the masses seem confused about one aspect of search traffic: ranking on page 1 of Google requires not 5 hours of effort but years of:

  • practice
  • experience
  • building blog domain authority
Ranking on page 1 of Google requires not 5 hours of effort but years of practice, experience and building blog domain authority. Click To Tweet

Bloggers tend to not understand that Google ranks posts published by bloggers with a proven track record. Algorithms favor blogs churning out helpful, detailed content frequently for years because trust is measured long term, not overnight. Bloggers may publish a more thorough post than mine but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Can the blogger publish 2,500 helpful blog posts spanning 7 years? Blogging From Paradise boasts 2,500 helpful blog posts published over a 7 year stretch. Google algorithms deem the full body of work as being worthy versus one helpful blog post solely because trusted is earned, not gained. Prove your blog over years; then publish a helpful, detailed post to goad Google into a sweet ranking.

You and I have seen natural talents in many niches of life. But only passionate, generous, patient and persistent folks reach the top. I possessed raw talent, the optimal 60-40 frame and the right facial look for being a physique model some 2 decades ago. A sister of a world famous actress from NJ told me more than once at the local gym how I had the Hollywood look, face and body wise, down cold, as she spent much time around Hollywood stars. One of the top agencies picked me out of a crowd as a potential star. But I moved away from modeling because it did not feel right to me. I did not put in effort and time. Naturally, I did not become a professional physique model or actor. However, amateurs who worked at it for years eventually went pro because they put in the time and effort. Read the story of any model or actor; none became famous overnight.

(Note; I did not choose my square jaw, small nose, or eyes. I take no credit for my facial appearance or body structure, LOL!)

Google traffic works the same exact way. Reaching page 1, position 1 for even a small collection of keywords takes time because Google algorithms rank your blog and its proven track record in order to rank one post. New blogs sport a low domain authority because no human being gains authority with:

  • no blogging skills
  • no blogging experience
  • no detailed blogging content

Publishing detailed, helpful blog content 2-3 times weekly for 3-6 months begins to catch the attention of Google algorithms. Perhaps you have what it takes. But only bloggers who spend 1000's of hours building blog authority from a global perspective begin to rank individual blog posts on page 1 consistently because Google ranks your blog before ranking any single blog post. Of course the ranking blog post needs to be detailed, SEO-optimized and solution-oriented. But the blog needs to be stellar in terms of boasting a steady volume of helpful posts for a sustained time before one post reaches page 1, position 1 of Google.

No human has figured out how to:

  • time travel
  • develop skills in 10 hours that require 5,000 hours of work to master
  • write and publish 20, 50 then 100 pieces of detailed, dazzling content in days or even week's worth of time

Until each seems to be hacked, slow down, calm down and understand that Google traffic flows only to bloggers who generously, patiently and persistently develop skills and publish a high volume of detailed content over 1000's of work hours spanning years.

Google ranks your blog before ranking any singular post.

Allow this idea to sear itself onto your mind to grasp how search traffic works.