I sometimes meet people who simply cannot understand how I live a life of travel.

Family, friends and others admire my travel lifestyle but can seem flummoxed at:

  • me not owning a home
  • changing physical locations
  • returning to no home base for a sustained time

However, I understand them. I dug deeper and deeper into my mind and also dug deeper and deeper into the world, spending time in 42 countries. Living in this many nations gives you greater understanding because one knows how and why other people think when spending time with people outside of your home town or home region.

On a much deeper level, analyzing your mind persistently reveals whatever you do not understand invites you to see the world from that broad, open perspective versus from a narrow, pinhole level of understanding. Even though I prefer not to live in one spot I understand why someone would because I analyze my mind and circle the globe. Meeting many homebodies lets me see life through their perspective of comfort, serenity, convenience and contentment. I also understand why people like myself enjoy being digital nomads. My property is planet earth, not a fence enclosing 1 acre, 10,000 acres, or an apartment door sealing an apartment.

Understanding fellow humans is an attractive trait because with it comes:

  • connection
  • respect
  • peace
  • unity
  • harmony

Blogging understanding converts a cold, callous heart recruiting division, strife, criticism and struggle into:

  • happiness
  • peace
  • harmony
  • success
  • generous service

For example, I rarely make blogging excuses because I faced many fears in my mind. But versus mocking or challenging a SAH mom who makes the excuse of being too busy to blog once weekly, I understand her because I see life from her perspective, in my mind. I never had kids but helped care for my niece growing up, 3 to 4 days at a time. In addition to this limited experience, I literally put myself in a SAH mom blogger's mind, seeing fears, discomforts and challenges she needs to face. I am not in her body, but I get it!

I understand the people from war torn nations who email or Message me desperately for a way out because I literally visualize myself being in a state of abject terror. I do not NOT understand anybody because the only lack of understanding is fear and I conquered many fears in my mind. I get it. Usually, I seamlessly connect with bloggers who appreciate my understanding. But in cases of bloggers who do not understand me, some lob resistance my way not because of my mind and its love but because of fear in their mind. I sincerely understand fear in their mind, projections, their cultures and their customs because every human behaves solely based on fear or love in mind. If someone appears to do something bad, or hard to understand, the sole reason is fear in their mind. I understand fear so I understand these individuals.

Understanding fellow bloggers or readers does not necessarily mean agreeing with these individuals or projecting a victim mentality onto the folks. A SAH mom blogger is not a secretary of state or the world's pre-eminent mystic who has every day scheduled to the second without another single second to spare. She feels terrified to give 5 minutes a day to herself and blogging for a deep fear manifest as guilt and shame in mind, projected onto her kids and fueling the mind excuse of, “I am too busy to blog.”

I understand her fears but also understand that I have never met a parent whose child remains awake for 24 hours daily and needs 24-7 care until the individual reaches 18 years of age. If she wants to know how to delve into mind to devote 5, 10 or even 30 minutes to blogging, I will help her find the time to blog but only if she chooses to follow me, listen to me and learn from me. I am no savior, but a teacher; that choice is hers and hers alone.

Develop a deeper, greater understanding of fellow bloggers.

Cultivate compassion for your cosmic brothers and sisters.

Enjoy increased success as a sweet benefit.