My wife and I had a chat about internet marketing this evening.

In some ways, internet marketing changed quite a bit since I began blogging in 2008. Folks have become more savvy. Bloggers and internet marketers in general see through hyped up claims, false information and flat out scams easily.

But the surprising truth about mainstream internet marketing remains: even most successful marketers build their businesses predominantly from:

  • fear
  • scarcity
  • competitive consciousness
  • poverty consciousness

The energy is subtle, but pervasive.

Let's back things up. Perhaps you cannot understand how a millionaire marketer employs poverty conscious tactics to build their fortune. Here's how: any time you market being driven by fear, you use poverty conscious tactics. Some internet marketers stress how techniques like using scarcity marketing, tight deadlines and similar strategies increases your online profits, claiming this school of thought “works”, but anytime you do something from fear, someone loses.

If someone loses, someone gets cheated in the exchange. Cheating people creates a cosmic boomerang that creates nightmares for your marketing campaign.

Prime example; internet marketers often use limited time offers to drum up sales. I plead guilty. I did this a few times in the past, although not too many. Entrepreneurs use fear to manipulate someone into buying something because if the customer does not buy quickly enough, the sale window closes. Being afraid to miss out, customers pull the trigger to grab the product at a lower price.

Do you make wise, sage, abundant, clear-thinking choices if you fear missing out on something? No. I do not. Nor do you. Morally, ethically and honestly, do you believe using fear to increase your sales puts the customer at a disadvantage, because the customer is not making wise, sage, abundant, clear-thinking choices, with your limited time offer looming in the way too near future? Sitting with this answer makes most bloggers squirm. Versus owning the truth that using fear is an unethical marketing tactic, internet marketers usually to prefer to make these excuses:

  • “Scarcity marketing works.”
  • “Everybody does it.”
  • “If I don't do it, other marketers will use scarcity marketing to steal my customers.”

Feel free to use any tactic you wish.  But understand this; just because mainstream internet marketers still tend to use fear to scare customers into buying stuff does not mean these folks avoid loads of headaches, as the law of cosmic justice is always in action.

I am a human being prone to err but I rarely lie and almost always tell the truth in my blogging dealings. I also largely embody love-based, abundance marketing strategies versus fear-based, scarcity-driven, competitive marketing tactics. My attitude bleeds with posture: take my offerings or leave my offerings. I want nothing from you. I accept your love, money and generosity but I am not thirsty for it.

I feel confident in my skills, exposure, credibility and overall offering after spending 12 years practicing my blogging craft. Since I am honest, genuine and do things predominantly from energies of love – not fear – I encounter virtually no problems online as far as unhappy customers, agitated clients, returns, chargebacks or any issues less clear bloggers and internet marketers face. I score a few negative reviews but avoiding critics is 100% impossible because I cannot control who buys my eBooks. Overall though, I face little resistance in many areas because I intend to always blog with integrity.

Any time you try to:

  • convince
  • coerce
  • manipulate
  • persuade

someone to buy your stuff or hire you it is because you lack posture, fear missing out on sales and allow the fear in your mind to influence your decisions. Bad idea. Making fear based decisions passes the fear on to prospective clients and customers. Prospective clients and customers feel your fear. Wise ones stay away, avoiding you like the plague, sensing your fear, desperation and/or greed. Less wise ones buy your stuff or hire you based on a pressure buy. People who feel pressured to buy something do not fully enjoy their purchase, 100% of the time, because their buy was not clear, confident and enjoyable, but unclear, hurried-rushed and a flat out pressurized experience.

Scared buyers quickly increase your negative reviews. Observe your reputation take a hit. Serves you right. Fear in your mind scared you into scaring others to buy your stuff. The fear in your mind reflects back to you as increased product returns, increased negative reviews and other headaches.

6 Tips for conquering Your FearsPoint blank; blog from love, abundance, posture and trust. Become so skilled, prolific, creative and connected through 1000s of blogging hours that your content and friend network does all the selling for you from a posturing, clear, abundant energy. Move away from fear-based marketing even if mainstream marketing appears to still be plagued by these poverty conscious, less than honest, tactics.

Adopt a take it or leave it approach to your offerings. Be confident! Believe in yourself. Believe in your content.

Building marketing posture proves to be quite profitable because the world seeks out clear, confident internet marketers who let their content and connections do the talking and selling, for them.


Slay fear.

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6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears