I saw this tweet from rocking blogger Corey Hinde a few moments ago:

I then saw this tweet from fellow rocking blogger Darren Rowse:

Corey mentioned facing aggressive upsells. Darren mentioned how many bloggers suffered because Facebook crashed for hours.

In both cases, bloggers and/or internet marketers did not genuinely think through their campaigns.

Imagine telling someone you wish not to buy something from them. Then imagine if the individual asked you twice, 5 more times or 10 more times if you want to buy something else. Would you deeply enjoy someone asking you an extra 2, 5 or 10 times within a relatively short time frame if you want to buy something else after you turned down the first offering? Thinking this strategy through deeply, I would not enjoy being pitched, nor would I have fun pitching twice, 5 times or 10 times, trying to goad people buy what other offerings I sported.

Picture yourself being an alleged blogger who spent 1000's of hours connecting on Facebook, versus spending 1000's of hours creating and connecting through your blog. Then picture Facebook crashing for hours. Did you really think through your blogging campaign if you mindlessly spent ample time on Facebook but little time on your blog?

Think; does it make sense to badger someone into buying what you have to offer after the someone turned down the first offer? Thinking clearly, why would you bug one person when millions of human beings desire what you have to offer. No one in the online world sells something appealing to one person because there is nothing new under the sun. Let go bugging one person. Focus on millions of other human beings.

If you are REALLY thinking you will keep creating helpful content and building strong connections until the individual who passed on the first pitch feels ready to pull the trigger and buy one or another of your premium products.

If you are REALLY thinking you will devote 90% of your time and energy creating and connecting through your blog (online real estate you own) and your buddies' blogs (online real estate you own) versus a 2 billion member site whose owner you do not have a personal relationship with and whose algorithms change with the wind. Never mind the fact that the 2 billion member site shuts down accounts at will, without warning or explanation. Genuinely think that one through; does it logically make sense to spend 1000's of hours on a site you do not own if the site moderators can and will shut you down in a heartbeat? Or does it make sense to spend 1000's of hours on a site you own?

Think deeply about your blogging campaign. Bloggers rarely think deeply about their blogs because fear dominates the ego. Bloggers cease thinking the moment fear arises in mind. Internet marketers who deeply fear losing sales email 5, 10 or 20 upsells within a painfully short time frame.  Bloggers who deeply fear losing access to 2 billion humans and who also fear that nobody will read their blog work Facebook for 1000's of hours and grossly neglect their blogs.

Face fear. Think clearly.

Thinking through your blogging campaign helps you avoid serious headaches down the road.


Do you keep slamming into blogging problems?

Fear fuels your problems.

Check out the video:

Blogging Struggles Are Fear