Find More Time!

find more timeThat was my heartfelt response to one of “those” posts designed to increase Facebook engagement.

ALL I could think of was that I need to find more time in my day to make my life better.

When I looked at other people's problems, how lucky am I that my need for a few extra hours in the day was my biggest problem.

Still, it got me thinking, so I turned for inspiration to two sources:

Why Do I Need To Find More Time?

You'll probably laugh ask: “Who doesn't need to find more time in their day?”

Well – for a start, lonely people often find time just dragging by.

But assuming you're lucky enough to have a full and busy life, like I do, you'd probably welcome an extra few hours in your day. I certainly would, and here are 3 very broad categories I would spend those extra hours in.

  • My relationships with family and friends
  • My online business
  • Myself: busy entrepreneurs often forget they need “me-time”

I cribbed those from Laura Vanderkam, as you'll realize when you watch her TED talk video, below!

Making Good Time Choices

You've probably had the experience that if an emergency crops up, you just have to find more time in your life to fix it. So often, finding more time, is just a matter of setting the right priorities.

Only YOU can decide what your current priority is. Is it?

  • Watching TV?
  • Spending time reading with your child?
  • Finding a few minutes every day to work on your online business?

NO judgements there…. the choice is entirely down to you, and will vary according to what stage of your life you're in. My time priorities are very different now than 5 and 15 years ago.

Looking back, I often made poor time choices, but hey, I am where I am. No going back…. only going forward.

Changing Time Priorities

I'll be honest, towards the end of 2016, my priorities had changed very much in favour of me-time. (Family and friends will always out-rank the other two.)

Having a successful online business had lost its urgency – purely because it seemed an impossible, time-sucking dream.

Which leads me neatly into Laura Vanderkam's TED talk “How to gain control of your free time”. It won't take you long to watch it – and it will be time well spent.

Who Is Laura Vanderkam

Laura is a time management consultant, and right away she sets the entertaining tone of the talk by admitting she was late to give her own lecture on time management.

Spare about ten minutes to watch this great video. There's much more covered than I have discussed above!

Then please share your thoughts in the comments below.

How Do You Save Time In Your Business?

Over to you. What are the worst time drains in your business?

Or, more positively, please tell us how you find more time in your life and how you will enjoy spending it.