I'm recommending a Facebook Internet marketing training group that has helped me learn many new techniques, some of which have already made money for me. But some people are skeptical, asking if it's a cover for persuading you to make purchases of products and services?

For a complete answer, first let me explain a little more about….

Who The Free Internet Marketing Training Group Is For

Group members are at many different stages of their Internet Marketing / make money online journey.

  • Some are at the very beginning and have no money at all. Complete beginners.
  • Some have put money into training, not been successful, but not lost the dream/need.
  • Some – and here's where I put myself – have lost money trying to do everything alone, but finally realised the power of a team, DFY marketing materials and good training, and are starting to see success.
  • After implementing the training, some are now making a few hundred a month, having earned nothing before.
  • Some are making thousands a month (and discussing techniques way beyond my comprehension). They support the group by answering questions that newbies ask.

Because there are so many different skill levels within the group, everyone's needs differ.

Free Internet Marketing Training Group

learn to make money online in free internet marketing training groupThe basic training for beginners in the group costs nothing, nor do the marketing materials. You CAN earn money implementing what you learn in the free internet marketing training. Read on!

Yes, there are offers to buy in the training group, but you do NOT have to buy them to make money.

Drool over this beautiful car and consider this analogy.

In offline sales, a car salesperson doesn't have to buy their own car at the same quality of the brand that they're selling! Nor do group members have to buy the offers they can promote.

The ‘further training' offers are to help members already in profit become more profitable (IF they want to). No compulsion.

So Who Earns And Who Buys?

It's a basic business principle – profit is made when someone buys a product they want.

So you earn sales commissions by bringing to the group customers who DO want to buy.

That's what the training shows you how to do. It also shows you how to make sales of the group's products to other people outside the group.

Yes – when you start to make a profit, you might want to purchase further courses or services, to become more profitable, but you don't have to.

Solo-Ads Are Just One Way To Earn….

Free internet marketing training group teached you to make money onlubeI have studied a lot of people who are making a seriously good income online and I will tell you just one of the ways they are doing it….. (the simplest to understand).

They are buying potential customers (or ‘traffic' to use the industry term for website visitors). They're not using magic software, or clicking ads to get paid cents.

So just one of the ways you can earn sales commission is by bringing ‘traffic buyers' into the group, and then you make a commission every time they purchase traffic.

And, incidentally, on the profits of anyone they then recommend to buy these services. (Two levels only, so is not MLM.)

I repeat, you do not have to buy anything yourself. Your role is to find potential customers. Probably an easier job than being a car salesman…

(By the way – of late, solo-ad traffic quality has dropped off seriously from what it once was. Vendors are just swapping lists between each other so the ‘fresh leads' you thought you were buying are probably already saturated and jaded. But within the group the solo-ads for sale have been generated using a completely new method, and test buyers are already getting much better conversion rates.)

If You Don't Pay Money, Then How….?

We have no magic pills.  You will need to put TIME into learning how to do this. No-one starts off knowing how to earn money online.

Let me repeat that – you pay with your TIME.

Nothing in business life is free. Just because you're online, you can't suspend common sense and imagine money will drop into your bank account from the sky.

Sure, it may not work for you – in which case you might wish you had just watched TV instead.

But what if it works ?

All it will cost you is time to try it.  DO NOT buy anything you can't afford. PLEASE!

To join the free Internet Market training group on Facebook click here.