I read a comment on Facebook a few moments ago.

Someone remarked how I seem to break every blogging rule but share helpful content.

I believe the kindly individual made a reference to Seth Godin, comparing me and this pro's pro. I graciously accept but know; Seth is a legend. I just circle the globe, island hop like nobody's business and tap squares on a keyboard for a bit daily.  I feel grateful to live a cool life.

I am like Godin in one regard; we both break ample blogging rules. He writes short and pithy posts. Some span 100 to 200 words. Admittedly; dude is one of the best on earth in his niche. He has been a marketing leader for decades. I bow to his altar. But he also taught me a key lesson. Seth Godin got clear enough to the point where he broke many conventional rules blogging-wise yet still attracted a big following through his blog.

Make no bones about it. Seth cut his teeth as an author and marketer well before he blogged. But he still broke plenty of rules in terms of word count, formatting and heck, he blogs on a free blogging platform. He did OK for himself.

Godin also follows more than a few marketing and writing rules. He found the ideal mix. Break many rules and honor a few.

Steve Pavlina is another legend who experienced staggering blogging success despite breaking many traditional blogging rules. At his blogging peak, he generated tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue per month:

  • publishing posts on a blog with the old skool Kubrick them
  • dominating competitive personal development keywords on Google despite not SEO-optimizing his blog posts

I learned from both icons. Both taught me to follow some blogging rules but to break more.

I follow a few basic blogging rules. Create helpful content solving reader problems. Build bonds with blogging leaders in your niche by being generous. Open multiple income streams. I proceeded to break most other rules like:

  • SEO-optimizing blog posts
  • building an email list
  • gussying up blog posts with snazzy formatting

because how in the heck could I stand out if I followed rules all other bloggers followed? How do you step away from the herd being IN the blogging herd? My intuition told me to:

  • blog in my voice
  • work my travel stories into my blogging tips posts; sometimes, at least
  • ignore list building
  • ignore Google traffic
  • engage in a prolific guest posting campaign
  • engage in a prolific blog commenting campaign
  • write and self-publish 120 plus eBooks

I broke many blogging rules. But I went overboard with guest posting, blog commenting and with creating a high volume of helpful videos through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I do not play around. I break many conventional blogging rules but I also generously help people through multiple channels online.

Follow fundamental rules. Create. Connect. Monetize. Stick to the basics.

Do You Break or Follow Most Blogging Rules? 1As for actual strategies, follow rules completely resonant with you and break every other conventional rule because you succeed doing what you love, not doing what you hate. I hate list building. I hate SEO optimizing posts. Why? I have no idea. I just do. Tried both. I have a firm distaste for each. But I have written and published 30 articles a day for clients during my freelance writing days. I write and publish 3-6 guest posts every single day.

Every blogger has different, unique creative talents to share with the world. I am happiest, most prolific, most helpful and most successful writing my rear end off.

The best way to stand out as a blogger is to follow some fundamental rules then break most rules by following your heart.

Your heart knows the way, even if your ego does not agree.


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