blogging skill level and blogging criticismI blow some minds. Bloggers have no idea how I create 8 or more posts daily, between guest posts and posting to my blog. Newbies have no idea how I do it. Of course. New bloggers have a low blogging skill level because new bloggers have no real practice under their belt.

If you are new to blogging, you only have only had a short period of time to practice, to create and to connect. How can you be skilled?

Building skills takes time and practice.

Know Your Blogging Skill Level

New bloggers often feel entirely confused or outright deflated. Imagine publishing one post weekly. Awesome. But I publish 10 posts daily. Between my blog and guest posts. How do you compete with me? You don't! Nor should you compete with me or anybody. New bloggers need to take the new blogger path. Slowly learn, practice and improve your blogging skill level. I took the same path. Every new blogger takes the same path. I create 10 posts daily now after 10,000 plus hours of blogging practice. But ‘newbie blogger me' had only a few hundred hours of practice because I was….new. Right?

Honestly assess your blogging skill level. Where are you at now? Never hold yourself up to insanely unrealistic standards. New or struggling bloggers compare themselves to established pros. Relax. Pump your blogging brakes. No way you are up to their level yet because you have not prepared yourself with thousands upon thousands of hours of blogging practice. Put in the work. Put in the time. Eventually, your success expands as you improve your blogging skill level over years. But you need to know your skill level now to avoid the comparison curse.

Comparison Curse

Imagine being new to blogging. Coming across a pro blogger's blog, you stare in awe at their 4,000 word, SEO-optimized post. You can NEVER do that. Of course you cannot do it! You are new. No new blogger publishes a 4,000 word long, SEO-optimized post, because you have no skills or blogging knowledge yet to do so.

Good things take time and energy and practice. Take your time. Be realistic. Ground yourself. Never, ever compare yourself with successful, pro bloggers because doing so deflates you. You want to quit. Because pros seem light years ahead of you. Guess what? Pros ARE light years ahead of you. Pros should be, because pros boast serious blogging skills. Pros have thousands of hours of blogging practice. You don't. Respect your skill set. Respect specifically where you are at now. Know that you are at the perfect place, at the perfect time.

Perfect Place Perfect Time

I always remind myself that I am at the perfect place, at the perfect time. You are exactly where you need to be where you're at right now. Learn lessons you need to learn. Relax. Own your current level of expertise. Guys; it takes thousands and thousands of blogging hours to blog like I blog. Sometimes this journey feels scary. Other times the blogging journey feels super uncomfortable. See the journey through.

Accept your current blogging skill level. Stop resisting where you are at. Calm down. You absolutely need to be where you are now to face your fears, to learn lessons and to grow more quickly. Even super successful bloggers need to be right here and right now for your next stage of blogging growth.


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Thanks, again, to Ryan Biddulph for this article encouraging us to enjoy and accept our current blogging skill level.