Free traffic from Facebook with Traffic NemesisA ground-breaking new product Traffic Nemesis – How to get free traffic from Facebook, launched amid great excitement on Tuesday 3rd March.

Regular readers may have been aware that the free Facebook training group I have been working in was launching a special product for members to promote.

The amount of work that's gone into this launch will only be apparent to those who have launched their own products, or who have been following the preparations AND the training to get members ready for the launch.

If, like me, the thought of learning how to get free traffic from Facebook for just $12.95 seems just too good to miss, please click my Traffic Nemesis affiliate link here.

What Is Traffic Nemesis?

Unsurprisingly it's a training course that explains how to get free traffic, but the real surprise is the value of the product for the tiny price of $12.95!

Now you may imagine that for such a low price there's no real value – but that couldn't be more wrong. Here are some of the topics covered:

Facebook Groups For Traffic

When I started marketing on Facebook I made the mistake of setting up a Facebook PAGE. It seemed a good idea at the time, but then Facebook made a change such that page owners needed to take paid adverts to get their pages in front of fans. Even paying for Facebook adverts wasn't easy – I had many of mine rejected for what seemed like arbitrary reasons.

Then I learned that using Facebook groups was a better way to proceed. Here are some of the topics covered in Traffic Nemesis:

  • Why use Facebook groups?
  • What kind of Facebook group is best?
  • Group SEO
  • Niche groups
  • Ethically drive traffic to Facebook groups
  • Revive a dead Facebook group

Using Your Facebook Profile For Marketing

I know that many people are reluctant to do this, because of what family and friends may think.

I must admit I rather fell into this camp, but having seen how the course authors and some other course members are doing this, I'm revising my opinions. Having had early access to parts of this training, it's a work in progress for me, but the techniques discussed make it more acceptable.

This is all helped by the fact that one of my mentors in my main business has developed a huge team and a five figure income using his Facebook profile for marketing. He has nothing to do with this course and has devised his own methods, but I recognise the techniques. Now he's a star affiliate marketer and the fastest way I can emulate what he has learned over the years is to follow this Facebook marketing training course.

For $12.95 – it's a bargain!

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Your profile picture
  • Your profile cover photo
  • Your Facebook bio
  • Featured photo
  • 10x your organic presence

Free Traffic From Facebook Posts

As well as looking at your Facebook profile for marketing the course considers your posts:

  • How often to post
  • Best time of day to post on Facebook
  • Traffic from different types of posts
  • Results
  • Motivational posts
  • Value posts
  • Lifestyle posts
  • Question posts
  • How to make your posts stand out

What To Post On Facebook

Although I browse through other people's profiles admiring their witticisms and wisdom, when I come to making my own post – but when it comes to making my own posts, my brain goes blank. Apart from the pictures of my grand-daughters which are widely loved by everyone!

Does this ever happen to you?

No more!

An optional up-sell to the basic course meant that for just $27 I have been able to buy over 2,000 swipes that I can use as posts going forward. Together with my own imagination that should keep me well served for years to come with things to say on Facebook to generate engagement.

This upsell alone is something I've been desperate to buy for weeks now.

Using Facebook Stories To Generate Traffic

I've seen marketers using ‘Facebook stories' but never completely understood the benefit of them. Traffic Nemesis includes a whole section on Facebook stories, and also covers stories on Instagram:

  • Overview of how Facebook stories can help you
  • What type of content to promote in stories
  • Facebook stories from desktop
  • Facebook stories from mobile
  • Using URL links
  • Polls in Facebook Stories
  • Generate $100 a day with Facebook stories
  • Post your stories on Instagram

Other Topics To Generate Free Traffic On Facebook

  • Messenger Tactics
  • Dangle the Carrot Method
  • How To Offer A Group Doctor Service (Case Study)
  • Segmenting Method
  • Support within a Facebook group

Traffic Nemesis Review

Being within the Facebook training group that's seen this course is the development, I have seen behind the scenes and also had chance to try out some of the training modules. The videos are well explained and fluff-free

Knowing the support I have had within this group I have complete confidence in recommending the course.

The marketer who has master-minded this launch may not spring to mind as a well-known marketer like some others. But he has a deceptively large team to help him provide the service he gives to us. While he was doing the launch call, his team was picking up and fixing issues where we had made mistakes in setting up our promotion tools.

He has developed this product to help newbies get started earning their first commissions online – both by selling this product and by giving a product that can help any Facebook marketer, because Traffic Nemesis works for any niche – not just Internet Marketing.

I heartily recommend it even if it were far more expensive, but for $12.95 it's a no-brainer.

I Tried It And It Works!

Free traffic from FacebookUpdate After Launch: The above information was written from advanced information and a trial of a limited section of the videos.

When the course was released I bought it and am working my through it all. There's lots of it, so it's taking me some time to study and implement. But it's time well-spent.

In fact I have proved that it works, because one of the sales I have made came from my Facebook profile, implementing one of the tactics I learned in the course.

Start To Get Free Traffic From Facebook

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