11:02 PM on a Thursday evening.

I spent 3 hours walking around Brooklyn, NYC today. Fun times. But 3 hours offline means I work well past midnight tonight. I love working. Blogging feels fun to me. Sometimes though, embracing more responsibility feels uncomfortable. I am human. Humans experience a wide range of feelings. You and I feel different emotions. Being more successful and taking on more responsibility feels largely fun, and sometimes, uncomfortable. Welcome to being a full time blogger.

More Success Equals More Responsibility

Pros shoulder greater responsibility to enjoy greater freedom. Do you want to live your wildest dreams through blogging? Put in thousands of hours, work-wise and blogging-wise. Putting in work to that extent means taking on increasing responsibility. But the work load is not just about spending more hours in front of your laptop. Anyone can copy and paste a link to 40 Facebook Groups. No skills there. Certainly, no responsibility there. Guest posting to reach a large, targeted audience seems part and parcel with taking on greater responsibility. Be responsible by doing things that help you reach bigger, targeted audiences. Doing these things pulls you out of your comfort zone. Develop your skills to a greater extent to hug these leveraging, responsible acts, too.

Do you fear being responsible? Forget about succeeding online. Forget about living your dreams. Bloggers who live movie-worthy lives do a smash up job taking on increased responsibility as their success increases. What happens as you make more money and drive more traffic? Everything expands. Everything grows. YOU grow as a blogger. YOU expand. Be more by taking on greater responsibility. Broadcast live. Guest post. Build strategic partnerships with top bloggers. Befriend influencers. Write eBooks. Create courses. Work deeper into the night. Leverage your presence. Everything expands only if you expand. Never hit a ceiling. Keep growing. Take on even greater responsibility to inspire more people and to experience even greater worldly success, along with increased peace of mind and freedom.

successful bloggingPush the envelope. Do something different. Observe my colorful blogging eBook. I took on greater responsibility by doing something quite unlike any other blogger has done. I wrote an entire eBook on how a lazy sloth teaches you blogging lessons. Where did I get inspiration for the eBook?

During my 6 weeks in the remote jungles of Costa Rica, I observed a sloth lazily chilling out in the trees on the property. I watched him closely. Wouldn’t you know this dude taught me – and you – blogging lessons? Paying attention, I wrote an eBook on his blogging lessons for you. Being more responsible sometimes means doing something bold and innovative that makes people think and learn in a new way. Be bold! If you experience greater success you need to take on more responsibility. Everything grows even more if you hug your new responsibilities, because with increased responsibility comes even greater influence and even more freedom.

Ultimately, responsibility is the key to freedom. All free folk take on massive responsibility as far as absolute workload along with the nature of their blogging work, engaging in leveraging actions.

Nudge outside of your comfort zone. Be more. Face fear.  Shine even more brightly for the world. More success equals more responsibility.