One of the best learning along my online journey has been mindset coaching and here is my Mind Mastery Matrix Review – an exciting new program that brings mindset coaching into the financial reach of every online marketer.

I most recently came across mindset coaching as part of my VIP package at OLSP, although this was a just reminder of early self-help books I had read many years ago – even before I started my online journey.

Mind Mastery Matrix Review

Mind Mastery training, which uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, explains how often an entrepreneur’s problems are just what’s between their ears – what they are telling themselves that sobotages their success (online, offline and even in everyday life).

Mindset coaching, however valuable it is, may seem out of reach financially to many. Often those who need it most, maybe can’t afford the excellent OLSP VIP package (usually a 4-figure sum, although there are occasional special offers).

But all that has changed as a new launch brings group mindset coaching, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (or NLP) techniques into the financial reach of any entrepreneur who hasn’t seen the success they expected to see. The icing on the cake is that it comes with a ‘business in a box’ where you may earn commission, whether you promote the business or not.

But first, you may be asking…

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

While NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s, it has been expanded upon by numerous researchers, authors and well known motivational speaker Tony Robbins uses many NLP training techniques in his system.

From this site here, you can learn that:

In a nutshell, NLP is a set of skills that is based on how we experience our outer and inner world through our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic submodalities, resulting in how we make meaning. And, the fact that our thoughts, language, and behaviors are all connected, we can change the way we experience our worlds by changing one or more of these elements. The set of skills NLP provides is taught through models and techniques all intended to provide various outcomes, or goals.

No serious entrepreneur has any excuse, now, not to to find out what could be their mind block to success.

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 1

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 7

At the time of writing (June 2024) the optin page has been produced to appeal to business builders, rather than serious mindset students. It is being redeveloped to reflect the quality of the training available.

You’ll only be able to appreciate what’s on offer when you optin, and then open your back-office. Login details will be emailed to you. If you don’t like what you see you can just unsubscribe.

If you forget or lose your login details, you can retrieve them here, and when you login you should see your back-office:Mind Mastery Matrix Review 2

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 8

Watching the Start Here video in the dashboard of your back-office, shown above, will explain how to proceed.

But to give you a preview, from the dashboard, members will access the Classroom (below), Community, and training Calendar.

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 3

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 9

What Is Included In Mind Mastery Matrix

The product is:

  • Four weekly group Neuro Linguistic Programming coaching sessions (live) and / or watch the replays (30 to 60 minutes per session).
  • A different mindset product each month. The first month’s was an audio on How To Become Hyper Productive. Listen in the car, on walks etc.
  • An e-book about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Promotional materials: 800 mindset video shorts, 500 motivational video shorts, social media images, 52 social media posts, PDF lead magnets, ChatGPT prompts for your AI of choice.
  • Compensation plan where you MAY earn without sponsoring (no guarantees of course).

What Is The Price of Mind Mastery Matrix?

The startup cost is $47 for the first month. That gives you access to the marketing package and pays a fast-start bonus to your introducer, then the price will be $20 a month after that. So each group coaching session costs less than $5 a week.

So here is mindset training for any entrepreneur. The current optin page is being improved to focus on the value of the product!Mind Mastery Matrix Review 4

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 10

Why Add Mind Mastery Matrix To My Portfolio?

It saddens me to watch new affiliate marketers join a new business with high expectations, then quit within a couple of months because they have seen no results, when if they had focused for longer, instead of looking for faster ways to ‘make money online’ they would have started to see results.

It’s not their fault – unscrupulous marketers perpetuate the myth that it’s fast and easy to earn online. It’s NOT. I learned the hard way, but you and your team can learn better ways.

I’m promoting this training to help people’s business mindset, and perseverance. It fits alongside any online business, to help you and your team succeed.

When you opt-in there is plenty of detailed info that shows the quality of the offer, and if you don’t like what you see you can just unsubscribe.

I joined for the product, because the mindset coaching I received in OLSP VIP was superb. However, for those who can’t afford OLSP VIP this is a more affordable alternative to help your mindset in ANY business, and your life and relationships.

If you’re joining for the compensation plan, it doesn’t hurt that I joined direct to the guy who is number 1 on the leaderboard, and he has a big email list, and promoting the 2 x 8 forced matrix heavily. I’m also contacting all my email subscribers, and they’re starting to show interest.

If you join as a paid member in the next few days you’ll be high on the compensation plan, but whenever you join, the product is value packed.

About The Mind Mastery Matrix Coaching Sessions

Here are a few of us ‘live’ on the Zoom call where you can ask questions direct. If your time zone makes it hard for you, you can watch the recordings in the ‘classroom’ and ask questions there.

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 5

Here is my own testimonial:

Mind Mastery Matrix Review 6

To explain – Paul had been explaining about ‘Internal Assassins’: the voices you hear in your head that sabotage you. Miss B, mentioned in my testimonial above, was a PRIMARY school teacher who hauled me out in front of the class for failing a spelling test, and told me – and the whole class – “Joy will never be any good”. I’m sure she was well-intentioned, just meaning to motivate me, but how often have I ‘run’ that memory through my mind? Paul (our trainer) gave us techniques to handle such negative self-talk. Watch the replay to discover them.

When you optin here, and find the login details that are emailed to you from ‘mycompanyadmin’, you’ll see all the details of what’s on offer on the Start Here video. (Better optin pages coming soon!)

Conclusion to my Mind Mastery Matrix Review

Highly recommended as a standalone business, or to complement any existing business you may be running.

Or just to enhance your life-skills!