Here’s one of a series of online advertising tips.

“Direct” and “Passive” advertising tactics

There are two forms of advertising you must have for a marketing machine that functions properly…

Direct advertising is the type of marketing you must be actively doing for results. While this can generate instant results, once you stop doing it, the results can stop. For instance social media marketing. I’ve had excellent results with Facebook marketing – when I give it my full attention. But….. I personally find it time-consuming and boring as I fight the ‘Messenger Pests‘. So I’m not consistent with it.

Passive advertising is a marketing method that does the work for you over a longer period of time and doesn’t require daily involvement. (One method I use is blogging – for instance I’ve had sign-ups to an online business months after I wrote a review post.)

Trying to build an online business by ONLY using one of these two advertising methods will be an uphill battle for sure.

Another type of passive advertising that I use is Banner Advertising, and I’m finding Banner advertising is one of the best forms of “passive” advertising there is.

YES! I thought it was dead too – but it’s NOT. A banner clicker is probably the most engaged prospect you will find. They interrupted what they’re doing to look at YOUR ad. 

But which of the network to choose?

I found Buckets of Banners and it’s proving to be the perfect “passive” advertising system I’ve been looking for. And I’m getting decent CTRs too, compared to active methods.

It’s run by Brad Webb, of State of the Art Sites, successfully and reliably online since 2010. With BOB’s extensive network of banner partners, you can “set and forget” your banner ad and gain sign ups to your business with a level of ease not found in other forms of advertising.

Clearly others agree with me, as I found a surprise commission waiting for me when I went to check my stats today!

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Self-funding / passive advertising – what more could you want?

Click for B.O.B Passive Advertising

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