learn about online business from crafty foxWe have to take what we can learn about online business from as many different sources as possible!

Whether you live in the city or out in the countryside, the chances are you’ve seen foxes around.

  • You might think of them as cute ginger dogs, or you might think of them as vermin.
  • Perhaps you lambast them for breaking into your bins and recycling, or tearing open bin bags.
  • Or you might leave food out for them. (One of my best friends used to bake pies specially for them – and I've even see her write ‘Mr Fox' in pastry!  She no longer does this, before anyone comments protesting.)
  • It could be that you deplore the rural country method of fox hunting (in its past sense or current state) or you may be a supporter.

Wherever you sit in the great fox debate, there is one thing you cannot argue. The fox is one of the greatest animal success stories of our time.

Think about it, these animals were traditionally rural in their nature. They would live in forests and fields, eat local wildlife, or occasionally a chicken or similar poached from a nearby farm or manor, but as humans have encroached on their traditional environment, they have not died out or moved away, they have instead adapted, they’ve improvised, and overcome.

These days, foxes are just as happy in big city centres as they are in wide open rural spaces, we have the city fox and the country fox, and they are both just as crafty.

In fact I hadn't even seen a fox until I moved to London, years ago, where they were regularly seen roaming the streets at night.

What We Can Learn About Online Business From The Fox

We, unfortunately, are not as adaptable, neither in our lives nor our businesses, we react sluggishly to changes, try and fight against them rather than embrace those forthcoming changes and learn how to work within them. There is never just one way to live, or work. There is never just one market to compete in. Look at our little foxy friends, how they grow and expand into the changing areas rather than shrink away from them. There is an old saying that victory is for the bold.

When you see them out and about foxes are often very timid, but at the same time they are the same environment as you and I, not hiding away or running from the tides of change, rather they are embracing it and moving forward.

As our businesses evolve, and as the environments in which we work change- our choice is the same as the crafty fox: we can either hide timidly in our burrow, with what we have to hopefully sustain us, or we can be bold and march out into the new world and embrace the evolution.

Time Spent During Coronavirus Lockdown

Consider the coronavirus situation…. whether you are reading this ‘in the thick of it', or months / years afterwards.

Here in the UK, some people found themselves having to become ‘home teachers' – my goodness that's a bullet I dodged as both my two are well into their 30s. I would have found that hard in the extreme – kudos to those who adapted.

But for many people, there has been more time than usual to spare in their day. Reduced hours commuting or at work, which while it may have been welcome at first, possibly palled after a while.

Now, I'll admit I have spent some time catching up on long overdue ‘Rest and Relaxation' – BUT I have also been spending time learning new skills and setting up automated systems that will run for me when life returns to anything like normal.

And so have many other people who have had a wake-up call as to how their lives changed so suddenly – or a hint of what ‘retirement' income could be with no Plan B in place.

You can either let them surpass you, or you can join them.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

One of the training groups I consistently recommend is below, and it won't cost you a penny to start learning.

Why is it free? No catch – the guy hosting it wants to teach you how to market his own products. And people who have never earned online before are now making an income applying his training.

The crafty foxes in the group are applying what they learn about online business in the group to promote other affiliate products, as well as the host's. Which is fine – it's just good business sense.

Our ‘star lady' was a bus-driver 4 months ago. She's been trying to earn money online for years before joining this group. Now she's quit driving buses having earned five figures over the last few weeks. You can ‘meet' her on one of the free training courses,

Is it easy? No! It's hard work. I can't promise you overnight success, because it just doesn't happen (whatever the hype-merchants tell you).

But what I can promise you is that without action, adapting to new circumstances, nothing in your online life will change.

How To Qualify For The Free Affiliate Marketing Training?

3 steps

  1. Click this link to join the Facebook group (Nothing to pay.)
  2. Watch the short video in the pinned post
  3. Watch at least Units 1 and 2 of the training you'll be directed to, obviously the more you watch the more you learn – and earn!

Apply what you learn and start earning, using tips from the training in the group!

Here are some of my most recent earnings from the group:

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