Bloggers tend to struggle for a lack of understanding.

But the understanding consists of two levels.

Most never reach the first level completely. Few reach the second level.

Understanding on both levels promotes your blogging success.

1: Understand Professional Blogger Advice

Observe this blog post.

Bloggers who read, process and grasp the concept begin to understand how to blog the right way.

But most bloggers never reach this point because the masses ignore pro advice, or hurriedly try to apply pro advice before fully understanding knowledge shared.

Before successfully applying professional blogging advice one must display a basic grasp of understanding. Humans read, process then either understand or do not understand. Everything depends on your willingness. Your desire is the key unlocking the door of understanding.

Understand pro blogging wisdom by reading and processing blog posts, watching and processing videos and buying, reading and processing eBooks, among other learning devices.


How Can You Be Truly Helpful?

Observe the video above. After watching the video and processing the words you slowly begin to understand how genuinely helpful bloggers position themselves to succeed. Frame this as step #1 of the blogging understanding process.

2: Put Pro Advice into Action to Understand Proof of Success

Level two of understanding involves practically applying pro blogger knowledge generously, patiently and persistently to see, process and understand successful blogging results.

For example, understanding the concept discussed via the video above is level #1. But level #2 involves being truly helpful to put the advice into action. After blogging, guest blogging, podcasting and publishing videos you slowly but surely drive increased blog traffic and profits. Seeing increased blog traffic and profits sets off a light bulb in your mind:

“Aha! I get it! Now I understand what Ryan was talking about in that video, related to being truly helpful.”

Acting on successful blogging strategies manifests successful blogging results promoting greater understanding. Perhaps you understood how to apply the technique but putting the technique into action and seeing tangible, physical, actual results accelerating your blogging success gives you a deeper understanding of the tactic.

I began emailing my list daily for the first time in years. An intuitive nudge combined with professional blogger advice goaded me to do so, along with a basic understanding that emailing your list can promote success. Emailing my list fresh, new content daily increased blog traffic and blog comments on Blogging From Paradise. I registered the 2nd, deeper level of understanding related to emailing your list frequently with helpful content. Now I get it, in theory and practice.

Achieving the 2nd level of understanding gives me even deeper trust in emailing my list daily. Emailing my list daily seems to be a win-win scenario. You win by receiving helpful content frequently. I experience increased success. But reaching this level of understanding forced me to face the fear of allegedly losing active subscribers. Less people open my emails since I send posts to my list daily. But this small list has been increasing my traffic as quickly as ever because they receive my emails, read my emails, visit every blog post and aggressively promote all blog posts.

I now understand that publishing and emailing helpful content frequently for a few active, engaged email readers accelerates your blogging success more quickly than emailing a larger base of less engaged, less active email readers less frequently. This is why bloggers with massive, dead lists fail miserably while bloggers with small, highly engaged lists succeed.

A dead list you rarely email cannot help you!

But a few humans who love what you do will help bring you to heights you could not even imagine if you keep in frequent contact with these folks.

NOW….I understand this idea.