I find bloggers display an odd habit.

I write, publish then share a blog post or guest post. Someone appreciates the post and even drops a blog comment, Facebook comment or tweet showing love. I appreciate the love. But the following comment or tweet reveals a question proving that the individual did not read the blog post. Or perhaps the person scanned the blog post. Maybe the reader did not understand the post. I appreciate the kind comment but no longer reply to anyone who did not read, process and understand the post because I already answered their question through the post.

Do you actually read blog posts published to answer specific questions before asking questions the blogger answered through the blog post? Respect your time. Respect their time. Respect their effort. Respect your effort.

Lacking mindfulness is a chief cause of unhappiness, struggle and failure not only in blogging but in life. Being mindful is the chief cause of happiness, seamlessness and success in blogging and life. Mindful bloggers succeed. Less mindful bloggers tend to struggle. Some bloggers simply do not see and use the gifts fellow bloggers publish for them in the form of genuinely helpful pieces of content.

Scanning social media reveals folks who ask questions clearly answered via the blog posts some do not read, process and understand. Before asking a blogging question, read the blog post triggering your question. In most cases, the blogger answered your question clearly.

I do not engage anyone who asks a blogging question about a blog post I wrote to answer the question asked by the blogger. Reading the post to get their answer is their full responsibility. I already devoted 20 minutes to answer the question in thorough fashion. A fellow blogger needs to take complete responsibility to spend 5 minutes reading, processing and understanding the post to get the answer to their question that I already answered via the blog post.

Harbor no annoyance, agitation or animosity to bloggers who do not read your posts but ask questions you already answered via your post. Being less than mindful or lacking some understanding makes no one the object of your scorn because you and I have been less mindful, too. However, repeating yourself to answer a question you spent 20 minutes to already answer through writing and publishing the blog post is not necessary or advisable. Every person needs to be completely responsible for reading, processing and understanding blog posts you generously created and published before asking any blogging question. Never expect bloggers to answer questions twice because if you already received an answer through the post you better take complete responsibility to mine the answer through your effort.

In a few rare cases, bloggers read posts thoroughly but cannot seem to understand the post or grasp the answer. But in most cases, bloggers simply do not read, process and understand posts; refusing to read content is on them, not you. Be comfortable with this truth. Beware answering a question for a second time based on guilt, the fear of criticism or the fear of losing a reader. See readers in an empowered light. Empowered bloggers do their own homework. Budding blogging successes do their own due diligence, answering their own questions by patiently and persistently reading blog content-solutions to their question-problems.

If after doing homework-research you have a question, ask it. But understand that almost all blogging questions have been answered already. I alone wrote and self-published 55 blogging tips themed eBooks covering different topics. That's a whole lotta answers for you!

Being mindful aids you greatly. Being less than mindful hurts you dramatically.

Every pro blogger mindfully reads content, processes content and understands content to get answers to their blogging questions. Learn from these pros. Take responsibility for your blogging career. Be empowered by processing and benefitting from questions already answered through content versus asking questions you already have the answers to, via content published by pros.