One big mistake plagues most bloggers; most bloggers do not return to the well early and often. Why? Fear.

Before we proceed, let me explain what I mean by “returning to the well.” In essence, this phrase means doing fun, enjoyable, freeing stuff that positions you to succeed BUT it means doing this again, and again, and again and again. Most bloggers fear doing fun, successful things again and again for a billion ego-induced reasons. Let me give you an example. A few moments ago, I logged in to another blog, prepping to write a guest post. Instantly, I did not feel good, thinking about SEO rules, optimizing and other stuff the blogger requires of bloggers. When I instantly thought of fun, freeing, success-promoting guest post experiences, I pondered Joy's blog. I have fun returning to the well, here. I love guest posting on her blog. I also experience worldly success as I know I drive traffic and profits through her rocking blog.

So…..I returned to the well once again, writing another guest post for her and for you rocking readers. For some odd reason, most bloggers fear returning to the well early and often. Most bloggers fear guest posting on blogs too frequently, even if bloggers have no set limit on guest posts you can write and submit. Most bloggers fear annoying people, agitating people or turning people off, by doing what's fun, freeing and success promoting. I link these fears to deserving issues. Most people grow up in households where deserving seems to be a massive issue. Having fun and experiencing success? Meh….that's for lucky, rich, special people, said blessed crowd sitting high on a pedestal, well above the plebeians who do not deserve such success, fun, love and freedom.

Can you see why I advise readers to work on their mindset?  I could care less who you are, or what you do, or how hard you work at blogging. Failure finds bloggers who do not feel deserving of success. In my scenario from 20 minutes ago, most bloggers deeply fear returning to the well and guest posting prolifically on one blog, so they force a bad-feeling, crappy effort through the other blog, struggle, fail and wonder why they cannot drive traffic and make money through blogging. Return to the well! If some blogging strategy feels fun, freeing and enjoyable, KEEP FOLLOWING THAT STRATEGY. Never ditch what works for what does not work because you fear annoying people, agitating people or turning people off. Ignore those undeserving energies filled with the fear of criticism and the fear of failure. Do what you love doing. Experience worldly success. Make your day only about what you love doing. Release everything else.

Why trudge through the desert of struggle? A deep, ever-lasting, rich well of success awaits you in this universe of abundance. Keep returning to the well. Do not be meek. Do not hold back. Be generous. Be clear. Be confident. You and I live in abundance. Doing what you love doing and enjoy doing and doing what leads to blogging success is what you are supposed to be doing for 4, 6 to 12 hours daily….or more. Keep returning to the well from energies of abundance, love, generosity and kindness. Rest assured, karmic law dictates the more freely you give, the more easily you receive.

The well ain't running out any time soon. Keep returning to the well.