My friend Cori Leigh published a guest post I wrote recently.

I asked her how her weekend was going after thanking her with an exclamation point!

Cori is an awesome person. She generously invited me to guest post on her blog. Cori also promotes me freely through social media and her blog.

Why did Cori and I build a strong friendship? We both put building bonds at the top of our blogging list, along with creating helpful content. However, many struggling bloggers chase blogging profits over befriending genuine people. As you may imagine, blogging does not work out well for these folks. Everyone senses paper chasers. Even worse; most humans sense when someone attempts to use them to make money.

Blogging profits-chasers see dollar signs over human beings. Everyone is a means to a stronger financial end. Even in the rarest of rare cases when one becomes highly skilled in manipulating people for profits, the manipulator becomes deeply depressed, angry, miserable and flat out feels terrible almost all of the time. But such cases are rare! Most fail horribly because money flows to generous, trusted bloggers and paper chasers are stingy bloggers who few if any trust.

I am watching the TV show Succession now. The series chronicles the life of a powerful media magnet worth tens of billions of dollars. He owns the 5th largest conglomerate in the world. In essence, he makes the news and shape the political world as people see it. But he is a miserable, angry, unhappy man who uses people to get money. He is a rare case; only a few humans develop that skill to epic levels. Of course, all of these folks hate living because genuine happiness is SOLELY in being truly helpful. Everything else fosters unhappiness.

Build genuine friendships by being genuinely helpful. I linked to Cori above to help her. My intent is to give her greater exposure. I intend to give Joy greater passive exposure by writing and publishing this guest post. Being helpful builds friendships. Blogging buddies help you in return. Both parties succeed as both friends help each other in authentic fashion.

The simplest and even quickest way to increase blogging profits is to make blogging buddies. Cori automatically promotes one of my eBooks at the end of every guest post I submit to her blog. I used to do it too but skipped the process for a little bit as a lesson in detachment. However, blogging buddies boost your profits. Other bloggers promote my eBooks and courses too. Blog commentors on Blogging From Paradise mention eBooks they purchased and enjoyed. Profits grow through referral marketing. I built strong friendships with these people by helping them freely. The traffic and profits take care of themselves through organic bond-building.


10 Tips to Boost Your Blogging Profits



Be truly helpful. How can you assist fellow bloggers? How can you help readers? Stop chasing profits. Build bonds with human beings. Help people. Broadcast live. Write and submit a guest post. Open your blog to guest blogging. Record and publish a podcast. Link to a fellow blogger via your blog or via a guest post. Put the focus on other folks. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Blogging becomes easier with friends. Blogging becomes harder and harder as some strict solo act.

Stop chasing money. Make genuine bonds by helping people. The simplest and easiest way to earn long term profits is by being helpful, engaging and detached in your online dealings.

One blogger can do only a little. A network of loyal, generous, skilled bloggers can help take each other to blogging heights none of these folks dreamed of.