I recently mass approved a high volume of friend requests on Facebook.

Most friends are polite, kind and genuine. A small percentage misbehave in a variety of ways. I block each of these misbehaving folks to move on quickly.

But I resisted mass approving Facebook friends for years because I feared experiencing a bit of what I experienced the prior few days. Again; virtually all friends act in appropriate fashion. Friends treat people like friends in most cases. But I feared:

  • blocking women who made strong romantic advances
  • blocking men who made strong romantic advances
  • blocking people who begged me for money for charities, starving families or for other hardships suffered
  • blocking people who tried to pitch me their services

At the end of the day, fear manifest as guilt scared me into not scaling. But facing, feeling and releasing fears dissolved guilt to the point of:

  • mass approving 1000 Facebook friends over a series of days
  • exploring various fears triggered during interactions with a few scared, unpolite, manipulative people
  • boosting my Facebook organic reach by over 10,000% in a few days; many new Facebook friends Like posts, comment on posts and more than a few visit my blog

Is receiving a 10,000% organic boost worth facing the fear of dealing with a scant few scared souls? Heck yeah.

But like me prior to my mass approval, do you fear scaling for some anxiety concerning:

  • meeting a high volume of new human beings?
  • learning how to release scared, unpolite people during often uncomfortable circumstances (before you get comfortable with blocking beggars, people wishing to pursue you romantically or other fear-filled folks looking for money, love and business in all the wrong places)?

Face your fears. Feel your fears. Release your fears. Scale.

Being more successful means meeting more human beings at an exponential rate after you hit a certain tipping point. Being exposed to a high number of people reveals most behave politely, genuinely and quite generously. People are generally good eggs as long as you emit a generous, genuine vibe. But no matter how nice you vibe you better believe a literal few fear-filled folks will find you. Life is contrast. Folks who generate good blogging karma vibe mainly with like-minded people but a few low karmic types will meet you to establish a sense of contrast.

Does it really make sense to duck facing fear a few times via tough encounters with a low percentage of people when facing this fear accelerates your blogging success at dizzying levels? Does blocking a few folks who use Facebook to beg for money or to chase tail seem worth gaining a 10,000% increase in Facebook engagement rates? Heck yeah!

I happily embrace contrast. A few scared folks get DA BOOT from me fast but I still release each with compassion because I know fear goads them to act in inappropriate fashion. However, I do not excuse, explain away or apologize for someone who knows full well when being rude, nasty, or fully aware of their misbehaving ways.

Make a ton of awesome friends and influential bloggers. Attract a loyal army of engaged followers. Toss a few blogging apples to the curb here and there to pay your pro blogging tuition.

Scaling means making a high number of great friends and releasing a few unclear folks who unwind your fears.

PS….I am a traveler and blogging tips guy who uses Facebook solely for traveling content, blogging tips content and inspirational videos. I never, ever have used Facebook to fund charities, to hook up with guys and girls and to be pitched business opportunities.

Wake up or get shipped out!