If this post looks kinda weird, with emojis scattered all over it, that's because I've been taking a Facebook marketing course that recommends adding emojis to our Facebook posts, so I thought I'd just copy the whole thing into my blog and see what it looks like.

To be honest, I'm not that keen – it looks out of place here, in a way that it doesn't on Facebook, because others are doing it too.

Yes, I've been tempted to the dark side of Facebook marketing – and I have to say that, doing it, I made 4 relatively easy sales – so I can't knock the process.

Here's the style of post we're encouraged to make – although my mentor's all look much more attractive than mine!

They do stand out nicely – but what a faff about getting all the emojis in the right place. It took me longer to put the emojis in place than to write the content. I MUST be doing something wrong. But I've never been much of a Facebook person.

Anyway, below is my post….

In fact I've added one to or two paragraphs because I got so fed up of trying to format the Facebook post that I gave in and left it as it was.

Facebook Post From July 2020

Been pondering over the weekend about the dangers of keeping all your marketing eggs in one basket. I had one page shut down on Facebook and never found out why.

💥 The COVID-19 pandemic, with so many more people working from home, has spawned a whole new breed of ‘coaches' and ‘experts' who are apparently ‘crushing it online'. Well I hope they are, because I suspect a lot of them have been parted from a 4-figure sum for a program they will find hard to sell on. I was recommended to promote it myself, but declined. I don't want to be the person who sold someone a 4-figure program they can't sell on.

💥 Now obviously, like every serious marketer, my main purpose online is to build an email list. I've made far more purchases from an email than I ever have on Facebook. What about you?

💥 But the other place I make my purchases is by reading reviews on blogs I've found by just “Googling” – or videos if they're short enough that I don't fall asleep in them! 😴 Am I the only person totally unable to stay awake through anything with moving pictures?

💕 Sorry FB – I love you really. I love the kittens, puppies and seeing my grand-daughters and other family members – I missed them so much over lockdown. If it hadn't been for Facebook I wouldn't have seen most of my family in the last 3 months.

💕 But I'm afraid that's where the love affair ends. Because whatever I try to do on Facebook, there's always some message popping up to try and grab my attention and I feel guilty ignoring them. I must be the only person to feel guilty ignoring the spammers:

Spammer's first contact: “Hi dear, how's the weather where you are?”

Me interrupted trying to format post: Grrr – “Just get to the pitch, then I can say ‘No' and block you.”

Even while I'm on our ‘lockdown Church live-stream', there are messages and comments popping up all the time – and that's just from the ‘congregation'! Although, again, I'm grateful Facebook is hosting our weekly service, Bible study and various chat groups – all for free.

But as a selling platform…. I'm not really feeling it. It's wearing me down. Crushing me, you could say! Which is purely a personal opinion, because some people (with a whole lot more time and patience than I have) are doing very well with it.

If that's you – go for Facebook Marketing!

Why I Prefer Blogging

You knew I was going to choose it didn't you?

🌈 Realising I make my purchases from emails and blog reviews is good news to me because at heart I'm a blogger. And I'll be honest, I enjoy blogging and writing emails far more than being on Facebook. No distractions when I'm blogging. Switch everything off, log into WordPress and I'm away in deep concentration mode.

🌈 Back on the sales process, the other day I made a sale from a review blog post I'd done months ago and I'd forgotten all about it until the sale came in:-) That was a nice surprise. Facebook sales (and I had a very good month in June) may be more frequent, but take ‘more presence' to make. Don't get me started on ranting about the possibility of having Facebook on my phone! It's NOT there, and I don't want it there thank-you very much. This is meant to be a part-time retirement business for me. I don't WANT a full-time business.

🌈 Another point in favour of blogging is that, within reason obviously, I decide what I post on my own blog, I set my own standards! Facebook's Community Standards are just so odd. 🤬 Perfectly good program links are rejected as being against Facebook's Community Standards. Yet historically, and possibly even still, outrageous material slips through the Facebook censor net.

🌈 So I don't have to worry whether the product I'm promoting is deemed ‘suitable', or about how to phrase a call to action! I'm told that Facebook, not just wary of links, is now aware of the tactic of ‘”Just comment Info” – and they will limit the reach of our post.

🌈 This ‘warming up the Facebook algorithm' before and after you post isn't quite the 15 minute process you think it's going to be… Somehow, to do Facebook Marketing seriously, I seemed to have to be available all day, rather than what suits me best, which is setting aside solid blocks of time for blog posting and commenting.

YOU May Prefer The Immediacy of Facebook Marketing

Well it's horses for courses, as we say here in the UK. One man's meat is another man's poison… etc etc.

I'll be perfectly honest with you – In the last month I made more sales from Facebook Marketing than blogging. However training that I have been looking at over the weekend all within a free Facebook Marketing Group (that you can join here) has shown me how to improve that, and includes the tools to make it a more strategic process.

So Facebook Marketing worked well for me when I had more time, during lockdown. Although I'm still more or less ‘physically' locked-down, a chunk of my normal paid work has just come in, so I have to get on with that instead.

My Facebook time is limited now – but my blog is still there working in the background for me.

The Choice Is Yours…..

Facebook Marketing vs Blogging

The good news is, you don't have to reject either…..

🌈 It's such a pleasure that the Free Training I am giving away teaches list building – obviously – BUT for those who prefer blogging, the gem that's hidden in plain sight is superb training on blogging for Affiliate Marketers. Even though I've been blogging ‘on a DIY basis' for years, I have already learned so much from that course in a weekend.

🌈 In fact you can set up a new blog at zero cost within the free part of the course – they'll even host it for you. The optional upgrade gives you more facilities and includes the price of a keyword tool as well as hosting.

But…. hey I'm on my own blog – so I can just say….Click Here To Learn More About Free Affiliate Marketing Training

What This Means For You

Within the free training, both styles of affiliate marketing are covered, and because I have experience in both Facebook Marketing and blogging, I'll help you, whichever suits your time available.

In fact…. why not try both?

While you're setting up a free blog and getting up to speed with that (it's NOT instant!) practice your Facebook marketing skills and see if they give you a faster return. Then make an informed decision as to which you prefer for your mainstream affiliate marketing business.

Please let me know which you choose so that I can help you 🙂