Some days, I write and publish 5 or more guest posts.

I have a prolific streak about me. But I do not see myself as being exceptional in this regard. Why? I simply practiced writing like mad for many years. I wrote, wrote and wrote some more.

Writing a bunch helped me churn out helpful content routinely. Churning out helpful content routinely made me prolific. Prolific writers publish guest posts quickly. Simple process. But sometimes, quite uncomfortable.

For example, I am writing these words at 12:30 AM after a long, busy day. My wife and I are beginning the process of saying “Goodbye” to the house, cats and our home life here in NJ. Emotional day in many regards. If all goes according to plan, we will be moving on in 2 weeks. I have plenty to do in those 2 weeks. Anyway, my mind races a bit.

I felt insomnia overtake my being even though I tried to fall asleep early. Oh well. So I write. Writing this guest post feels fun, freeing and enjoyable but also quite uncomfortable. My neck feels stiff.

My back hurts. But I write the post because guest posting helps you, helps me and feels like the right thing to do now. Of course, chalk up another 600 words of writing practice. Of course, chalk up 1 more guest post. This is how to churn out helpful guest posts pronto; practice writing and keep guest posting.

But drilling deeper, being a prolific guest poster boils down to emotional intelligence. I had to overcome fears related to guest posting in order to become prolific. I feared rejection.

I feared fellow bloggers trashing my guest posts. I feared running out of guest posting ideas. Add whatever you want to the laundry list; the fear list was that deep. Again, being uncomfortable by sitting with these fears was my only choice if I wanted to become prolific. I had to feel the fears, release the fears and write guest posts to publish guesties quickly.

No one faced the fears for me. I had to do it. I also had to wade through mental blocks concerning wasting my time guest posting. Ditto for overcoming greed; 1 part of me wished to only publish content on Blogging From Paradise. Thinking outward about others moved me in the right direction.

The #1 Reason for Guest Posts

OK guys; time to get down to the main reason why I guest post so much.


That's it.

In 2 weeks, my wife and I will travel again. We feel a little sad leaving our life behind but great happiness, liberation and peace of mind to see the USA first, then international locations, down the road. Why toss and turn in bed with insomnia when I can be writing this guest post to free me and to free you? I love blogging. I love helping you. I also deeply enjoy circling the globe.

Living in places like Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica for months at a time makes me feel alive. I visualize my dreams. I get busy helping people – as my dreams nudge me to do – to do things that makes most bloggers shake their heads….in a good way. Guest posting 5 times daily blows most blogger minds. But having an overpowering, freeing driver fuels generous, creative, prolific actions.

Guest Posts on Authority BlogsI feel way too many bloggers blog mainly to survive. Why would you become prolific if you blogged mainly to get by? Of course you'll have a tough time publishing guest posts from a prolific energy if you intend to make a few extra bucks this month. Poor driver. But if you blog mainly to retire to Bali, you will have no issues evolving into the blogger who eventually retires to Bali.

Seek fun, freedom and liberation through blogging. Holding these emotions in your heart energizes you to practice writing, to build relationships with bloggers, to gain guest post invites and to become a prolific guest poster.


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