list building trainingWould a free mailing system be of interest to you?

Anyone not using an autoresponder / mailing software in their business is wasting a huge opportunity, because research suggests that clients need to see your message 7 times before they take action.

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Still Not Sure?

If you haven't captured their name and email address, how are you going to contact prospective clients again? It's virtually impossible (and even if you mysteriously obtained their contact details you could be accused of spamming without proof they have opted in).

What's more likely is that they will bump into a similar offer – remember their interest and sign up with someone else to learn more about the offer they originally saw with you.

But many people – especially those new to online business – fear the cost of a mailing system. I understand. I felt the same – I was looking to MAKE money online, not spend it.

Eventually it dawned on me that the people making money online were building their own list – as they'd been taught. I gave in, paid for a low cost autoresponder and started building my list. And yes, sales started improving as I sent newsletters and emails highlighting different angles that appealed to different prospects.

Some even signed up to offers I mailed that had nothing to do with the original offer they'd expressed interest in! That was a bonus I hadn't expected.

Then A Cost Increase

Boom – I hit the list-size limit for the price level I had joined at, and had to upgrade to the next level of list size, and so my monthly costs increased. They stayed manageable from increased profits, but as my list size grows that could turn into a hefty bill.

Then I bumped into a long established advertising company I'd used a few years ago – it's been online since 2008 – and I discovered that they'd added a free mailing system.

Very foolishly I ignored it, assuming that if it was free it would be poor. But a colleague of mine was using it to good effect, and I began to notice it being used in several downline builders….

If that's irrelevant to you, just skip below to the section below about Your Free Mailing System.

Downline Builders

It's an aside, but let me explain the concept of downline builders. As mentioned earlier if people are promoting a business without a lead-capture (sign-up) page, they run the risk of losing the contact. If they don't see progress in their business they're more likely to quit and the team leader risks losing an existing distributor as well as potential distributors.

So team leaders in network marketing style businesses are helping their team (and obviously themselves) by providing lead capture pages and follow-up series that are sent to follow-up on enquirers who didn't sign up the first time.

This is win-win, because this free mailing system is an affiliate (commission earning) business in itself. If a member upgrades from the free mailing system the introducer will earn a commission. Even better, free members can still earn commission if someone they introduce upgrades.

Example Use of Free Mailing System

An example of this is the Three Under You team I have joined where my team leaders have provided me with lead capture pages and SEVENTY days worth of emails to encourage interested parties to join.

There's method in the 70 days – it gives people time to have tried and probably failed with other businesses, and so they may be more receptive to Three Under You.

But this article isn't about “Team Three Under You”.

It's about the free mailing system (SendSteed).

Your Free Mailing System

The benefits are of this free mailing system are:

  • It can be free for as long as you like (unless you want more advanced features).
  • Free members can earn from people they introduce (although at a lower rate than if they take the very modestly priced upgrade).
  • The monthly cost is the same however large your list. Compare this to one of the market leaders – Aweber (an excellent piece of software that I still use because I have contacts on it still). Although you can also start with Aweber free, by the time your list grows to 2,501 (which isn't a large list!) you'll be looking at $59.99 per month.
  • SendSteed includes features that I haven't seen in more expensive mailing systems – for instance ‘smart mailing' where, if you have the same subscriber on two different lists, they won't receive the same email twice from you.

Don't be fooled like I was.

SendSteed – even the free mailing system – is fully featured and superb value. Yes, there's a bit of a learning curve, but no worse than with any other mailing system.

Why Do I Still Use Aweber If SendSteed Is So Good?

It's not because SendSteed is missing a feature – it's because the person who sold me Aweber also set me up an extremely complicated follow-up series that would be very hard to transfer anywhere else. So as well as earning from what they sold me, they can earn a recurring monthly income from my Aweber subscription!

SendSteed has the same feature – you can pass a follow-up series to anyone you introduce, encouraging them to continue building their list and therefore the ability to generate a monthly recurring income from anyone you introduce: Lifetime 50% recurring commissions (25% if you're a Free Member).

Changing auto-responders is extremely painful, so people tend to stick with them. A regular autoresponder client is the holy grail of Internet Marketing!

There are many other benefits of the lead generation company that owns SendSteed – click the banner below to learn about them. You will automatically get SendSteed as part of what's on offer.