Banned By Adsense – Help Needed!

What a trial this last few weeks has been! Some of my regular online friends know that I had a PC crisis AND a health (mini-)crisis over the same fortnight

I came back from a lovely weekend away in Torquay (line-dancing), followed that up with a birthday meal with my two sons and then went down with a horrendous bug of some kind. I swear I keep in better health working than going on holidays!

After 10 days I felt so ill that I gave in and went to the doctor; she gave me a week's supply of antibiotics and having finished those I started to pick up again.

The only good news is that I have felt so ill I couldn't eat and lost 6 pounds. Hope I can maintain that 🙂 No more Devon cream teas for me. (Well, you have to sample the local dishes!) Err, for the avoidance of doubt, only one was mine – the other was my friend's. Honestly!

I'll write in more detail about my PC trials over the past few weeks when I've sorted myself out, but in the meantime on top of everything I managed to get banned by Adsense!

Help Needed

You may imagine I'm looking for help to get reinstated, but I'm not LOL. Because right on cue I got a hugely informative blog post from my friend Angela McCall on High Paying Alternatives to Adsense. To be honest I find the Adsense instructions so complicated, and the procedure so unforgiving, that I concede defeat.

As an aside, from reading around, possibly my “sin” was to have affiliate programs on the same blog as Adsense. Well actually I make more money from the affiliate programs than from the Adsense, so – bye-bye Adsense. Although I AM rather outraged that they appear to have no plans to send me the few dollars I had earned. It wasn't a big earner for me, I'd get a few dollars every few months, but every little helps.

Anyway, when you read Angela's post you'll see the alternatives she suggests and I felt that Qadabra was the best fit for me. I joined them and am pleased with their help and the ads are attractive and “clicky”, although they haven't really targeted themselves to my niche yet. No doubt in time (and with more traffic) that should improve.

So, one of my first jobs on getting back behind the keyboard has been to go through my sites and blogs to get rid of Adsense as there was just an ugly hole in there – and I wanted to replace it with Qadabra ads.

All was going well until I came upon a site that had NO holes, but was still displaying an Adsense advert! I've looked at the source of my page and can find it easily enough in there but I've hunted through my plugins and can't find what's putting it there.

I actually bought this as a ready-made site quite a while ago and just keep it going without much input from myself as it fits in with my general health “niche”, and surprisingly enough there is actually a connection between Hair Mineral Analysis and Weight Loss. But I digress.

Because it was no surprise to see Adsense ads on there, I never investigated until now, but viewing the source I can see that the ID is not mine. The ads don't even appear every time the page displays. All I want to do is get rid of them but after digging about a bit I can't find how they're appearing.

The blog has the Lifestyle Theme running with Genesis which so baffled me that I daren't touch it LOL, but I've looked in the settings and in other plugins and just can't see any Adsense ID. If anyone who is familiar with that theme would be able to point me in the direction of finding the Adsense and removing it, I'd be most grateful 🙂

UPDATE: With a little help from a friend in the Internet Marketing Review support group, I found that this was some clever bit of code inserted (and now deleted!) by the marketer who sold me the pre-setup site, to promote his own Adsense. Caveat emptor!

My other outstanding “news” (very old news now) was that before the PC and I collapsed I managed to complete the Fanpage Challenge.

Fanpage Challenge

I actually managed to finish the challenge with 209 fans for my Minerals business.Thanks to Sue and all those online friends who worked so hard to make this such a success.

My final number was very encouraging, but I fear I have probably lost some momentum by being unable to participate fully in the group over the last few weeks.

Anyway, posting here is my first stage of getting back into the online world and picking up on jobs I was unable to do during my “troubles”.

Joy Healey

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Angela McCall - June 30, 2013

Hi Joy,

Thank you so much for the mention. 🙂 So you made more money on an affiliate program? Awesome!! You know Susan said the same thing; she said she was making $100 on Adsense and suddenly they terminated her for NO apparent reason. But then she replaced Adsense with an affiliate banner and she made more money on that too! That’s too bad that Adsense didn’t pay you yet what they owed you. Shame on them!

And so did you buy your domain as an “age domain”? I was reading my SEO for Bloggers book the other night and it says that it’s good to buy aged domains because their rank already established…specially if that’s a PR3 or PR4, this is pretty good.

You know….Media.net and Chitika.com are pretty good alternatives also. I heard Media.net resembles Adsense ads and pays MORE than Adsense. I dunno their procedure there. So far I only applied on Chitika.com and I haven’t taken care the rest of the things I need to follow. For more info check out here: niceblogging.com/top-5-google-adsense-alternatives-2013

Hmmm…on that “offending post” link you gave, it says CHITIKA ads on there. Chitika, I heard, also pays MORE than Adsense and they’re a lot easier to work on.

You are so funny when you said, “before the PC and I collapsed.” This seems to be a coincidence coz you and your PC have same thing in common. LOL. I know it wasn’t funny before but it’s funny now that it’s over.

Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you. Please read my very 1st interview on the Internet:

Will talk more later. Stay COOL on this very hot weather…


    Angela McCall - July 1, 2013

    Oh there is my comment. What d’ya know. It wasn’t there before. I swear. Okay…I must be getting tired. I’m just trying to catch up with my reading. And I think I am finally catching up. Anyhoo…will talk more later…

      Joy Healey - July 18, 2013

      LOL – glad it’s reappeared!


    Joy Healey - July 18, 2013

    Hi Angela

    Again, yet another apology for delayed reply!

    No I didn’t buy an aged domain although I have heard they’re better. However, I’m getting to the stage where mine are already “aged” LOL.
    I’m surprised it was a Chikita ad – although I’d managed to delete it before I saw your post. Never mind.

    Hopefully have Qadabra ads working properly on there now and think it’s time to stop fiddling again!


Bonnie Gean - June 30, 2013

You’ll get back into the groove of things before you know it! Seems like when it rains, it pours! You suffer from 1 thing and then 2 more things join in making life miserable.

Good to see you’re back on the mend and tell Adsense not to let the door hit them on the way out! LOL

    Joy Healey - July 1, 2013

    Hi Bonnie

    Yes, I’m fine now and catching up again.

    Adsense…. who are they? LOL


Angela McCall - July 1, 2013

Wow…Joy, what happened to my comment here? I thought I left you a long comment and I don’t see it. Hmmm…*worried*

I came back here just to keep you updated regarding on alternatives to Adsense. Just wanted to tell you that I applied at Chitika.com and I have all their “advertising” on the BOTTOM of each of my post now, BEFORE the commentary and social media share buttons. Please check and see what you think.

Chitika ads resembles Adsense.

They each categorize your post accordingly. For example: If your post is about Social Media Sharing, they all put the related ads with the same “title” below. So it’s kinda nice.

Anyway, I’m disappointed that my comment to you didn’t make it? Did you get it? Perhaps it’s in the spam folder…? Well…I mentioned there and said THANK YOU FOR THE MENTION of my post and my name.

I guess next time I comment to you I better save it from now on, just in case it didn’t make it, I can just cut & paste. You know when I comment it’s not very short. They are normally “lengthy.” Okay…I thought I’d keep you updated.

You said you needed to replace the Adsense with the same size ads, try Chitika.com or you can go to my page and just click my CHITIKA REFERRAL banner there.

So far I used only 3 affiliates on each page:
• Qadabra
• Amazon Associates
• Chitika

Didn’t I mention that Media.net is also like Adsense? Anyway, you’ve got lots of choices. For me, for now…Chitika is okay. I heard they pay higher than Adsense.

Okay girl…please keep in touch and keep me up-to-date.


    Angela McCall - July 1, 2013

    ….and oh Joy, the good thing about Chitika is, when you click their ads it OPENS another WINDOW. This is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

      Joy Healey - July 18, 2013

      Yes, that’s important to watch for. If it doesn’t open in new window by default I modify the code (where possible) by adding target=”_blank”.


    Joy Healey - July 18, 2013

    Hi Angela

    Thanks for the reminder about Chikita. I looked at them some time ago and then forgot because I’d got the hang of Adsense.

    So sorry to have dropped out of touch – bit chaotic round here and still so much to catch up on.


Tim Bonner - July 1, 2013

Hi Joy

It seems a lot of people are getting banned by Adsense of late.

I haven’t been yet but I took all of my ads down a few weeks ago in any case on my blog.

I had a look at the code for the blog post you mentioned but there’s nothing obvious and I don’t know the theme.

I’d be happy to go in and look at it for you if you like?

    Joy Healey - July 18, 2013

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for your kind offer, and huge apologies for the delay in replying. For some reason I didn’t get notified of your comment and not been to my blog because of a few work and personal problems that kept me tied up.

    As it happens, I am a member of a support group and their expert very kindly went in and sorted it for me.

    But I really appreciate your offer.


Angela McCall - July 2, 2013

Joy, I’m viewing your site on my tablet. How come my comments keep disappearing here? Now I can’t see them again. I was just gonna check to see if you answered my last comment and now all my comments are completely gone. Weird.


    Joy Healey - July 18, 2013

    Hi Angela

    There’s something very odd going on as I haven’t been notified that you (or anyone else) commented. So, huge apologies for not approving/replying earlier.

    Life is still a little chaotic for me in catch-up mode. Hope your comments are now back – I’ll have a look later, but just on my way out.


marty - September 13, 2013

It seems like a lot of people keep getting kicked out of adsense I am glad its not just me! I hear other use sites like amazon affiliates or chitika to make up for it

    Joy Healey - September 14, 2013

    Hi Marty, No – it’s not just you! The more I “talk” about it, the more people I bump into who have had the same experience. I wouldn’t care if they’d told me what I did wrong or gave me chance to fix it. Never mind, there are other fish in the sea. Hope you do well on some of the other suggested sites. Joy

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