I came across a blog a few moments ago.

The blogger met me with a pop up to grow their email list.

I did not find an X to close the opt in form in order to read the blog post. Deciding to humor the blogger, I used a fake email address to fulfill the opt in form. But after I signed up the pop up remained. I had no option to close the opt in form.

Can you imagine paying for a domain and hosting if the only thing readers will ever see when they visit your blog is an opt-in form? 

As silly as this sounds, I see this error more often than you think. Pop ups and ads completely obscure blog content on laptops and mobile devices. Bloggers either never test their blogs or genuinely see no problem in the fact that readers need to search to find an “X” button that seems as cleverly hidden as Waldo.

The ego sometimes creates blind spots manifesting as self-sabotage. Bloggers cannot seem to see these major errors but their readers do and act accordingly; with negative outcomes of course.

What Do You Need to Correct Now?

What big blogging mistakes do you need to correct immediately?

No blogger can be asleep at the wheel and succeed online. Waking up and seeing your blog in the light of truth is a key step for accelerating your success. But first you need to own blogging errors to move in the opposite direction.

Everything changes the moment you admit to making massive blogging mistakes.

But admitting errors burns the ego. Most resist the sting to keep their head in the blogging sand.

Nothing changes if you do not own your mistakes.

Nothing happens if you do not get at the root of your blogging struggles.

All struggles originate within.

All blogging problems gain fuel from blogging mistakes made by the blogger.

Own your blogging errors. Look at your blog in the light of truth. 

Be Generous

I erred in not guest blogging freely for a long frame of time. I did guest post blitzes here and there. But I did not see the journey through for years. Lesson learned. I owned and corrected my guest blogging error. Now I write and place a high volume of guest posts to help you and to help myself in the process.

Hopping back and forth between less prolific and more prolific stages of my blogging campaign revealed how I had fun and prospered during prolific periods and had little fun – and prospered less – during periods where I held back. Observing this tendency honestly is the only way that I woke up my mind to see the mistake.

I also ramped up my publishing schedule on Blogging From Paradise. Fears in my mind scared me into playing small. Now I play bigger by thinking bigger. Of course, choosing to think and blog bigger scares me a bit for venturing outside of my comfort zone feels unpleasant sometimes. But success sits a wee bit outside of your comfort zone, reached one blogging baby step at a time.

If you need help spotting your errors just ask readers and fellow bloggers for feedback. Readers and fellow bloggers freely offer sound advice. New, fresh sets of eyes see what your ego does not want you to see. For example, your ego may love some aspect of your blog. But readers offer a different perspective because readers do not have your ego.

I sometimes see location-specific widgets-embeds on blog sidebars sharing the geographic location of blog readers. Does this embed clearly grow your blog traffic or profits? Or does the embed waste precious blogging sidebar space? Posting the widget seems to be a big blogging mistake. Honest bloggers freely offer this advice. But you need to ask honest bloggers for genuine feedback to discover this truth.

Coming on Too Strong

Pushing your business onto strangers through email and social media is another common blogging error.

Desperation repels. Greed sends people away.

Who wants to be around fear?

Address this mistake. Own the error.

Proceed to build your blogging business from a space of posture.

Publish detailed content. Build strong blogging friendships.

Allow business to flow to you.

Think right side up in an upside down thinking blogging world.

You will stand out in a good way.

I published a short video reminder to guide bloggers not to come on too strong.

Do You Come on Too Strong as a Blogger?

Please do not take this post personally if you err in these areas. I love you guys. I simply want to help you succeed by guiding bloggers to look within their minds for both problems and mistakes instead of looking without to suffer even greater blogging failure.

Put your ego aside. Lay your pride at the front door step. Walk into reality. See your blog truthfully. View your blog through the eyes of readers. 


Address and correct major blogging mistakes.

Accelerate your blogging success.