A ‘friend', knowing I am a happy LiveGood member asked me “Are people quitting the LiveGood opportunity”.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because, when I joined in December 2022, the LiveGood business was the closest I'd ever come to a perfect MLM.

I love Network Marketing, but….

Distributor retention has always been a huge problem for me as the teams I built just dropped out within a few months, because they couldn't afford the compulsory product purchase; nor could the people they introduced. So I was left desperately trying to replace people who'd quit.

Until I quit too Are people quitting the LiveGood opportunity? 1


So what is different about LiveGood?

Everything changed when I was shown the LiveGood opportunity in late December 2022: It fixed every problem I'd ever come across. (In fact I quizzed my sponsor hard, because it seemed too good to be true.)

* No compulsory product purchase – buy when we want

* Discounted products, no inflated prices to pay commissions for those at the top of the tree

* Affordable monthly membership (or discounted annual)

* Best of all: recruiting 100% optional, earning slower, but…. hey, we do what we can when we can, or not at all.

To learn more about LiveGood click ==> here.


My Results?

By early spring, I'd easily covered my annual subscription even though I only introduced 5 people.

And my whole team is still growing. By 5% one week ago, even though I did nothing personally. I had 209 people in my team, and I only introduced 5. Then another 6 last Friday. Nice steady growth and an increasing monthly income that just drops into my Wise account with no further effort.

Updated December 2023 I have earned from LiveGood every month since January 2023, despite being busy with my offline businesses.

Company Results?

30% of members have hit the first rank (Bronze – just 2 personal recruits) which doubles their potential earnings.

Yet someone the other day told me that “Everyone she knew had quit LiveGood“.

But that same day these stats (below) were shown in our support group. For just that week.

Are people quitting the LiveGood opportunity? 2

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So why did my friend say people are quitting LiveGood?

No doubt there ARE people quitting, but many will be those who couldn't find a team of their own and didn't receive the over-hyped overspill. Some joined in the teams of heavy-hitters who recruited using their 10,000+ email list*, so they're at the bottom of a heavy-hitter's personal matrix. (The top friends got personal ‘Tip offs'.)

* I keep telling everyone you need a mailing list to contact people when a new program comes out! The heavy-hitters don't sit on Facebook messaging their friends. They write ONE email. And more and more of them are seeing the growth of LiveGood and briging their email subscribers on – it's so affordable.

It's just the sheer maths of a matrix…. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096… etc. So if you're at the tail end of a team of 10,000, you're on a very wide matrix level that needs to be filled by your upline. One by one, if you're not doing your part.

Patience and slow growth is now the way forward for LiveGood members who can't recruit. And $9.95 a month must be worth a gamble. (Unless you really are down to your last penny.)

With network marketing, it's not what you make in month 1 that matters. It's the earnings month after month after month, with a steady team of distributors.

If growth continues at the rate of 25,000 people a week (like last week), the overspill will come. It could come faster, as success accelerates growth.

However, the time to expect overspill is gone.


How about creating overspill?

Just think how fast the company would grow, if everyone who joined decided to introduce 2 people – family / friends (which you can do with a straight face now the costs are affordable). That would also qualify you for the higher earnings as a Bronze member.

Or, just share the benefits of the products in your shop. >> Here's mine << I think most people know someone with health problems.


If that's not for you – fine to stay passive!

No need to recruit, but don't quit and waste your start-up cost!

Let me know if you have any questions.

And – of course it's still early days, so feel free to >> take that tour << and upgrade immediately. Absolutely NO point being a free member.


Are people quitting the LiveGood opportunity? 3

Reasons to join LiveGood

It's the closest you'll get to the perfect opportunity

  • No compulsory purchases
  • Recruiting optional
  • Discounted products – not inflated to pay upline commissions
  • No need to buy / hold stock, unless you want to. You, or your clients, can just buy it from the >> online shop << that's supplied as part of your membership
  • Affordable monthly subscription (under $10)
  • Or discounted annual subscription – imagine Netflix sharing a proportion of their membership fee with customers. They just don't. But LiveGood does.
  • POTENTIAL to receive overspill
  • Generous compensation plan pays down 12 levels (and beyond if you qualify)
  • First qualification level is Bronze – just introduce TWO – and that doubles your potential earnings
  • Helpful, successful upline team – large enough to help, but small enough to care
  • Helpful downline / team building tools supplied
  • Supportive Facebook groups
  • Simple – no complicated set-up



If people ARE quitting LiveGood it's because they have fallen for online hype. I have seen some appalling lies in adverts – for instance this one:

Are people quitting the LiveGood opportunity? 4

I guess you could say people are stupid to believe such utter rubbish – but they do – and it makes my blood boil. It ruins the reputation of this genuine product based business.



My Recommendation for anyone failing at LiveGood?

I don't think it's any longer worth trying to mass recruit “biz-opp seekers”. They'll have fallen for lies such as the above.

So either start recommending the products in the LiveGood shop to your family and friends – THEY might decide they want to run their own business without being tainted by the myth of instant wealth.

Or just sit and wait it out.

If you're interested, I have a $7 training program that will teach the correct way to do affiliate marketing, and you can earn as you learn. >> Click here <<

But whatever you do, don't quit LiveGood for the sake of $9.95 a month!

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Updates July 2023, October 2023, December 2023

I'm still in profit with LiveGood and have earned a passive commission every month. It's not a fortune, because I'm not actively selling the products or growing the business.

I'm relying on work I did in January 2023 and the team is still growing.

Because LiveGood has stood the test of time, I shall be confidently promoting it going forward in 2024.