What are your ethics of doing business online?

I'm too honest for my own good….

…was what someone jokingly said about me the other day.

I know what they mean, and that's probably why I'll never be rich in this online game, but at least I'll sleep at night.

A Couple Of Examples….

I bought a software tool to make some improvements to my blog, and for the few dollars I paid for it, it ‘did the job' but wasn't perfect. Completely professional solutions cost thousands which I can't justify. The sales page was completely up-front that it wasn't the full-works for that price. But then it followed up with an ‘agency rights' offer so that I could sell my services upgrading other sites for a four figure sum that I had ‘earned' in the hour that it takes to apply the software. Quite apart from the liability when the site owner realises it isn't the ‘full-works', I can't do it! I understand the argument about being paid for knowledge rather than time, and in my offline business when I deliver a value-for-money solution I'm happy to do that…. but to charge full whack for what I know isn't 100%. No way!

Ethics of Doing Business Online 1Considering the online world, I have a built a contact list of people who have expressed an interest in making extra income online. From years of experience I know how tough this is. Believe me, if there was a ‘magic money tree' I would have found it by now. But sadly so many marketers hype up how ‘easy' it will be, and leave newcomers bruised and skint, trying to sell on packages that do NOT sell themselves – and in some case are out-dated info anyway.

Unless I'm doing it very wrong (quite possible) nothing ‘sells itself'. It has to be sold, or marketed or shared or however you care to phrase it.

Because there are now so many people looking for a way to earn an extra income, there's an influx of newcomers to the online business world. Lambs to the slaughter as they're told how ‘easy' it is.

And they always want to know (quite reasonably)…

How Fast Will I Be Successful?

Which is where it all falls apart, because people have been fed a load of rubbish about instant software and push-button wealth.

For instance, in the 2020 pandemic as newcomers ot the online world needed to replace their offline income they turned to the online marketplace, and there was an plentiful supply of ‘Internet Coaches' selling programs to people that would turn THEM into Internet Coaches – as soon as they handed over a four figure sum. Some was good training, but often it was outdated rubbish.

Being a few chapters ahead of total newcomers I could probably have done the same thing, but I wouldn't tell people that they could become rich working from home in a few days, or even weeks. Not ethically anyway.

People wouldn't expect to turn up to a new job and instantly be proficient and in profit – but that's what some (not all) marketers and coaches imply.

Would you expect to become an expert – electrician (say) – just because you paid a four-figure sum for a training course?

Of course you wouldn't! You'd expect to study the course, apply it, and shadow someone more experienced than yourself who would watch what you were doing and point out any mistakes before you got hurt.

Ethics of Doing Business Online 2So those of us who care about our customers are trying to gently tell people the truth in this training, course where you can start free and see if you ‘have what it takes'.

The truth is:

  • It's not easy
  • You're extremely unlikely to be profitable right away
  • You DO need to invest time in training
  • If you have a little money for the basic tools of the trade you'll see success faster
  • It's a business – there is risk in any business. Online or offline.

Business Is About Managing Risk

I refuse to sell you something you can't afford on the lying promise that you'll get rich quick and with no work. Life's not like that.

Having said that, I have some opportunities (especially for network marketers and affiliate marketers) that are low cost to start up, and some are even free. They come with support and training. But ‘work-free' they are not.

If you have a little cash to invest in a long-term business, and the time and patience to learn and apply new skills, I have a place for you in my team.

Click here to start on our free training to see if our method of learning is a good fit for you. Nothing to lose, except some time in learning.

Any Guarantees?


  • I guarantee that if you spend some time watching the training you will emerge wiser about earning an online income as an affiliate marketer.
  • I guarantee that if you put in zero time, you will move no further forward in your desire to start an online business.

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