I rolled out of bed at about 8:30 AM today.

I just arrived to my new travel location in upstate New York in the US. My wife Kelli and I will spend the next month enjoying the Adirondack Mountains, a 6 million square acre wilderness that is the largest protected forest in the United States. It is HUGE! Imagine 24,281 square kilometers, for the many non-U.S. readers of this rocking blog.

But after driving for 3 and a half hours and acclimating myself to the new spot, I feel tired. I feared waking up to do Kriya yoga. But I nudged through fear. Did it. I also feared I’d forget promoting 3 of my eBooks as I do on waking. But I did it. I feared doing a few more things. But I did ’em. Why? Fear is the only blogging foe. Knife through fear. Literally, all life and blogging problems dissolve by developing the habit of stepping through fear.

Even if fear feels uncomfortable to hug, do it. Fear is the only thing stopping you from living your dreams through blogging. I still have fears that nobody will read my blog posts or not enough people will read my blog posts. This is with ample evidence that people do read my blog posts. Why the fear? I am human. Fear does not visit enlightened beings often. But fear does invade the mind of less enlightened bloggers living a worldly life of attachments.

Fears arise in my mind sometimes. I feel the fears and move through the fears. Blogging need not be a struggle. Blogging can be facing, feeling and releasing fears to become more successful. Actually, blogging IS facing, feeling and releasing fears as you follow your fun, to become more successful. Knowing why you blog – and tying the reason to something fun and freeing – nudges you into uncomfortable blogging fears again and again. Remember why to travel this fun, freeing, sometimes challenging and always long blogging journey.

Blogging gets easier if you face fears. Blogging gets tougher if you avoid fears. I feared tensing Kriya sessions a few moments ago. But I did my Kriya yoga, felt uncomfortable, then a flood of creative ideas entered my mind. The torrent told me to write quotes, promote eBooks and write this guest post. I did each.

Doing each expands my blogging success. But only because I faced, felt and released fears to move in the direction of freedom. Freedom sits on the other side of fear. Do you fear blog commenting for fear of wasting time? Do it. Comment genuinely on blogs for a bit. Conquer your blog commenting fears. Something neat happens; traffic, profits and blogging buddies increase in your experience. Was it blog commenting?

Yes and no. Blog commenting, and, the FEAR you conquered, of blog commenting, both made the difference. I write this post after I feared writing it because I feared if I did not publish my first post to my blog, things would go awry for me. Fear-diving is a daily occurrence. Sometimes hourly. All I do is sit with fears, feel fears and proceed in the direction of greater blogging success. Truly, this process feels uncomfortable sometimes but it is not impossible, or complex, at all. Everything depends on your intent to liberate yourself from fear to become a professional blogger.

Fear feels sneaky. Bloggers struggle but seem to have no idea; fear is the idea fueling struggle. Traffic problems? Fear you avoid. Profits problems? Fear you avoid. Stop blaming Google. Stop blaming Facebook. Stop blaming your readers. Own your fears. Own how the struggle begins within.

Every blogging problem is some fear you refuse to face, feel and release. I feared doing live broadcasts eons ago. I dove into the fear. I did feel uncomfortable broadcasting live for the first few times. Now I love it. Fear conquered.

I had to face the fear-foe to experience greater blogging success. I also faced the fear to enjoy the ride more freely.  Facing fear feels unpleasant in moments. But facing fear is the way to succeed.

Follow your fun more than anything else. I have fun writing. Having fun inspires me to write this post even if I feared writing the post a few moments ago.

Face Your Blogging Foe!

What Is Your Only Genuine Blogging Foe? 1Fear is your only blogging foe. Do not blame Twitter. Do not blame your lack of connections. Do not blame your inexperience. Do not blame your email list. Fear is the only energy holding you back. Face your personal, intimate fears. Be with these energies. Success slowly but surely follows. Everything changes the moment you face your fears.

Face your fear foe as much as possible. Some days feel scary. Dive in. Some days feel more fun. Dive in too. Keep diving in. Enjoy blogging. Follow your fun right through your fears. Blogging improves for fear-divers because your fears are the only element holding back your blogging success.


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