developing an abundance mindset

Sixty percent of Americans say that they’re worried about money. A lot of us stress over bills, rent, and paying off our debt. It’s easy to catastrophize our finances and let that stress take over.

Especially for bloggers, it takes a lot of perseverance to continue posting, even if you don’t think it’s paying off. Reframing your mindset around money and success can improve your emotional wellbeing and sets you up for success.

What is an abundance mindset?

Because finances are such a high-stress topic for many of us, we often think about them negatively. With an abundance mindset, you focus on what you can and will do, rather than what you’re having difficulty with.

For bloggers, it’s stressful trying to achieve your desired level of success. For many, it’s popular to practice affirmations as a mindfulness tool. The abundance mindset takes advantage of a similar concept to affirmations. 

Both involve talking about your goals as if you’ve already achieved them. The thought behind this is that it reduces your anxiety around achieving your goals, therefore increasing your chances of success.

While your thinking patterns are an important aspect of the abundance mindset, it also takes some legitimate planning. 

There are many different accountability strategies that can help you achieve your goals. The abundance mindset is the first step to budgeting and changing your habits without fear.


How do I achieve an abundance mindset?

An abundance mindset isn’t out of reach. It just takes a bit of effort to mindfully reframe your thoughts and soon, this frame of mind becomes second nature.


  • Set your mantras

Think about some common negative thoughts that you have about your finances or success. What would you rather be thinking at that moment? Keep a list of mantras to repeat to yourself when you realize that you’re having a moment of negativity.

For example, if you find yourself exasperated about your financial situation, think instead, “I’m working hard to improve my financial situation.” Remember that you’re working hard to improve your blogging skills and that it takes time to reap benefits.


  • Maintain boundaries

It’s hard to say no to plans with friends and family, especially if your reasoning is financially-motivated. Instead of canceling, try proposing some alternatives. Making dinner together can be more fun than eating out at a fancy restaurant and still makes great memories.

The same goes for when you’ve budgeted time to work on writing skills or reach out and form business relationships. It’s difficult to turn down plans when you need to practice your writing skills. But, proposing an alternative time so that you can get your work in keeps everyone happy.


  • Plan for your goals

Sit down and make a realistic budget for your needs and goals. Make sure to account for some fun, no matter how simple. Budgeting for only necessities isn’t realistic and you’re not going to stick to it. 

It can take a bit of time to adjust to your new budget, so be kind to yourself for the first couple of weeks while you figure out what works for your needs.

If, after a while, your budgeting still isn’t working for you, reach out to a financial advisor to get some personalized financial advice.

Budgeting your time is a great strategy for business improvement too! Set goals for learning new skills and time for building your business relationships each week.


  • Share your success

It doesn’t cost anything to help others. Volunteering some free time, making a gift instead of purchasing it, or writing some gratitude letters supports your friends, family, and community. 

At the same time, this is a great strategy to shift your focus away from your own financial stress for a bit.


Why should I try an abundance mindset?

It’s no secret that everyone is trying to be more successful and less stressed. Abundance mindsets help you achieve both of those things. At first, it feels silly, especially if you don’t believe in yourself yet, but soon your mindset will catch up to your mantras.

Are you looking for more ways to introduce an abundance mindset into your life? Check out the visual below for more strategies to help you change how you think about your finances and success.

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