Being afraid arrests the process of thinking.

Resisting fear in your mind prevents deep thinking.

Not thinking but reacting from fear quickly removes intelligence from your blogging campaign. Observe struggling bloggers. None think deeply. None blog intelligently. If bloggers deeply think through blogging and blog intelligently virtually all of these bloggers succeed.

I often get emails from bloggers or brokers who ask me if I need or want a guest posting service. None of these individuals are thinking. NONE of these bloggers or brokers are thinking deeply. Since the folks stopped thinking, intelligence quickly left the planning process of their blogging campaign.

If the bloggers and brokers had been thinking deeply, each would have learned about me before pitching me emails or DMs or Facebook Messages. Before pitching the question: do you need a guest posting service?…..the folks would spend 20 seconds:

  • clicking through and reading my blog
  • searching my name on Google
  • scanning my Facebook wall to see all guest posts I have personally placed
  • scanning my Twitter wall to see all guest posts I have personally placed

20 seconds or pure, raw, deep thought would have added intelligent thoughts to the mind of these folks, like:

  • this guy already placed 3000 to 4000 to 5000 guest posts personally
  • this guy has 100's of blogging buddies inviting his to guest post
  • this guy has pretty decent exposure
  • this guy DEFINITELY does not want my guest posting service; he is doing A-OK on his own with his friend network
  • this guy DEFINITELY does not need my guest posting service
  • maybe I should humble myself and learn from this guy how to place guest posts on top blogs

Devoting 20 seconds to raw, deep, pure thinking adds enough intelligence to your blogging campaign to save you 5, 10 or 15 years of struggle, failure or muted, miserable blogging success.


Imagine if the broker-blogger did not spend 5 years mindlessly, unintelligently pitching 10,000 plus successful bloggers who:

  • did not need a guest posting service
  • succeeded quite nicely without the guest posting service
  • would teach the lost broker how to land guest posts on top blogs the right way, sans blind, unintelligent pitches

He-she never gets back those 5 wasted years he-she could have spent generously creati

Guys; I tell you the truth because I care about you. I love you guys. No one needs to struggle for another second. But telling bloggers the truth bruises tender, waifish egos preferring to struggle, suffer and flounder in misery, fear and stubborn ways versus thinking deeply, blogging intelligently and succeeding.


Think deeply!

I spend hours daily in raw, deep thought as I blog and as I spend time offline. I deeply thought about each interaction this morning. Instead of complaining about each interaction, the friend requesters and labelling all as being annoying dingbats I actually thought about how you can learn valuable blogging lessons from each encounter. Thinking brought me here. I cannot go back. I have thought too deeply to scurry back to unintelligent, thoughtless, mindless blogging ways.

Being mindful accelerates your blogging success because mindful folks awaken their sleeping minds. Alert, awake minds think deeply on virtually everything as the mind becomes more awake, alert and aware. Note how I promoted the eBook above; I felt alert to an opportunity for offering you a valued resource for placing guest posts on top blogs. Even though I benefit if you purchase the eBook I am THINKING about how I can help you in the best way possible.

Thinking deeply has its benefits.


Check out this video reminder.

Do your own thinking: