conquer blogging doubtDuring a 7 week trip to the remote jungles of Costa Rica I had to burn our trash every few days. There's no trash pick up three hours into the remote, deep jungles of the world.

Burning trash felt good to me. No stinking, festering trash pile in the backyard builds up. Plus burning feels like a cathartic, cleansing activity. What was once refuse simply transitions into the ethers.

Have you ever thought of burning your blocking doubts? Symbolically, you could wrap up every single doubt into a trash bundle and burn that sucker. What blogging doubts plague you right now? What do you worry about? What do you fear? Do you feel like you are not enough? Do you doubt if people will ever read your blog? Do you feel like your products or services are not enough?

Welcome to the crew. I have experienced these blogging doubts in the past. Sometimes, these doubts try to sneak back into my mind but I immediately wrap them up and burn them.

As I release my new eBook:

7 Things that Inspired Me to Go from Scared Security Guard to Smiling Island Hopper

I think of these inspirations, and why you want to get inside of my mind via the eBook to learn why you need to choose inspiration over doubt, to live your dreams.

Blogging doubt kills blogging careers. I have never seen a successful blogger wrecked by doubt because you can't move higher in blogger circles by doubting yourself. Nobody can create and connect generously and trust in the process if they doubt themselves. I only experienced steady then rapid blogging growth by facing my doubts, by feeling these fears and by moving forward from a clearer, more confident energy.

The more I blog the more I realize that business is almost completely about emotional intelligence. Why? Every action you take or you do not take is based on your predominant thoughts and feelings. Doubting bloggers sit on the sidelines. Doubting bloggers delay. Doubting bloggers publish a helpful post then trash it with their limiting beliefs and mental garbage. Doubting bloggers fear reaching out and befriending other bloggers. Doubt or fear is the only reason why bloggers do these things. If you want to defeat doubt you better increase your emotional intelligence.

I am loving the term “emotional hygiene” these days. Practice emotional hygiene by cleansing yourself mentally with an energy management ritual. I spend three to four hours daily managing my energy and practicing emotional hygiene with yoga, meditation and vigorous exercise. I also jump into an icy cold shower for 30 seconds. Doing these things expands my awareness so I can face, feel and release fear masquerading as doubt, anxiety and worry. You overcome doubt by wrapping it up, feeling it and burning it for good. Feel it and get rid of it. Be done with it.

Of course, unless you're an enlightened being, doubts full rear their ugly heads from time to time. Simply rinse, wash and repeat. This is why increasing your emotional intelligence by practicing emotional hygiene is so incredibly important every single day of your life. Meditating for two weeks won't cut it because you – like every human being –  experience up to 60,000 thoughts a day. No way will you become aware of all of these thoughts but you need to become aware of your predominant vibe, or the emotional charge you place behind these thoughts. Enter daily energy management or daily emotional hygiene.

Conquering blogging doubt is not a rational or logical process. If this were the case we would all be enlightened or billionaires. Conquering doubt is an emotional, energetic and sometimes highly uncomfortable process because feeling fear is not entirely pleasant. But largely letting go this blog killing energy feels incredibly freeing, liberating and yep, it promote your success in spectacular fashion. Once you largely release doubt you gain clarity, focus and a predominant trust in self and in the blogging process. Where blogging doubt ends, is where blogging magic begins.