Bloggers sometimes ask me how I get guest posts approved on a high volume of blogs.

No secrets exist.

I practiced writing to improve my skills. I published helpful posts to Blogging From Paradise. I also built friendships by helping bloggers. Blogging buddies invited me to guest post on their blogs. Why? Blogging buddies appreciate my writing skills, valuable content and generosity.

Gaining guest post invites sounds simple in theory but feels uncomfortable in practice. Creating and connecting genuinely for years leads to landing guest posts on a variety of blogs. But most bloggers blog from fear. Most bloggers want to land guest posts on blogs in a few hours, a few days or even within a few months. Perhaps one lands guest posts on a few blogs within weeks or months but placing a high volume of posts on blogs requires years of creating and connecting.

I seem to have a bunch of guest blogging gigs now. But all of the gigs I work now took years to manifest. How do you create and connect for years? Blog mainly for fun and freedom. Following practical tips for creating and connecting sounds simple enough. Write 500 words daily to gain blogging confidence. Write and publish 1-2 posts weekly to solve reader problems frequently. Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche. Promote bloggers from your niche on your blog and through social media.

Following these simple tips for 1000's of hours tests even resolute bloggers. I slammed into serious resistance along the way. After landing a few guest posts here and there I had a difficult time extending out of narrow blogging circles. My love of freedom defeated my fear of not being able to find a high volume of blogs for guest blogging. Edging into these energies required me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. But edging into discomfort seemed A-OK because I love:

  • freedom
  • fun
  • expressing myself through blogging

Earn the right to guest blog in many spots. Possessing publishing rights demands you to earn blogger trust. Reputable bloggers rarely give out publishing rights unless they fully trust their guest bloggers. Solely desperate individuals hand out publishing rights like candy to a baby. Bloggers earn the right to guest blog. Bloggers also earn the right to publish guest posts. Ample practice goes into being a skilled, clear, confident and connected blogger who lands guest posts on a high number of blogs.

Being generous makes a big difference. Seize guest blogging opportunities to attract more guest blogging opportunities. Be open. Do not be snooty. Grab opportunities to help people. Gaining exposure in front of new blogging communities attracts even more guest posting gigs to you.

Do your best job every time out. Publish 600-1000 word or longer posts solving reader problems. Stick to your niche to experience the greatest returns. Like-minded bloggers seem apt to offer your guest blogging gigs unlike bloggers who hail from outside of your niche.

If I had to stress one point to appear all over your niche as a guest blogger simply create and connect generously for a long time. I spent 2007 until now fostering blogging bonds yielding guest blogging opportunities. However, I really put things into overdrive from 2014 to the current day. Imagine blogging daily for 7 years in a row. I cannot recall the last day I took off. Good things take time and generous service.

Anytime you spot a blogger who appears to be everywhere, rest assured the individual spent years creating and connecting to gain that level of exposure.


Do you need a little guest posting refresher?

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