Many people think that if they learn blogging about….. (enter subject of your choice) they'll quickly earn an online income.

It's not as easy as that, sadly.

Perhaps you have a topic you're either a complete expert on, or extremely enthusiastic about. If so, that will certainly be the best topic for your blog.

If you want to blog for enjoyment – go ahead!

But if you want to make an income from blogging, make sure

  • You have a target audience in mind
  • You have a definite idea (or several) that you can use to monetize (make money from) your blog's readers.
  • They can afford to spend money on whatever you plan to sell them.

It sounds a bit brutal spelled out like that. But if you think that blogging is a fast path to riches, I'm afraid I have to disillusion you. Sooner rather than later.

Starting a Blog

I made every mistake in the book starting up this blog – and if I'm honest I set up and finally abandoned several other blogs that – looking back – were complete rubbish. I followed completely the wrong people when I learned blogging – and my biggest mistake was actually trying to teach myself blogging. It was so HARD to figure everything out from scratch.

If I had to do it all again, I would definitely take proper training and write as part of a well-established community of bloggers. When starting a blog, you don't realise how little you know, and how easy it is to get bogged down with technical problems.

Blog writing alone is difficult– extremely difficult.  I'm not afraid to admit that sometimes while attempting to go-it-alone, I've been on the verge of giving up,

When I was brand-new to blogging all those years ago, I so wish I had found the Wealthy Affiliate bloggers' training program.

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Build an online business

You'll meet members that have actually been blogging within this community for 5 years and even more. Do you think they would stay members if they weren't benefiting from the information there, and earning an income from their blog?

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