Since Christmas Eve I:

  • experienced a 2 day blackout during a house sit
  • traveled for a week to spend time in 4 different locations in this short stretch
  • observed a house sit dissolve before my very eyes during a 12 hour stretch
  • scrambled to find lodging
  • find myself researching our next travel destination due to the house sit dissolving yesterday

I love change but like any blogger – or any human – change feels uncomfortable to me. Life shook things up during this roughly 2 week stretch. Have you noticed a lack of guest posts by me here on Joy's rocking blog? I have been busy visiting with family and friends, dealing with power outages, experiencing a somewhat volatile and super short house sit and now researching new travel destinations.

Overall, I feel clear on how I handled these blogging disruptions. I could not write and publish 4-5 guest posts daily during this hectic stretch but at least I published 1 or more guest posts and 1 blog post almost every day during this chaotic period. For example; I still wrote and published 1 blog post and 2 guest posts during my house sitting experience of a few days ago. My wife and I arrived at the location around 7 PM. We spent 2 hours talking to the homeowners and 1 hour shopping. I wrote and published content later that evening before passing out at 11 PM. At 1 AM, we awoke to the homeowners arguing about their trip the following day. The fighting went on until 4:30 AM. Then we learned through quite odd, bizarre communication that one homeowner remained home, and our house sitting services would no longer be required.

Hmmmm……at 6 AM in the most remote area of New Jersey – the 1 million square acre Pine Barrens – we were out of lodging and needed to find somewhere to live. One of our friends came to the rescue, as we drove to her house where we remained until 2 PM, when we checked into a hotel. I still wrote and published multiple posts on that day. I love blogging. I embrace change. I developed the habit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable during my world travels. I also became accustomed to dealing with disruptions during my blogging – and life – journey.

How do you handle blogging disruptions? Do you still get at least a little bit of work done on hectic, chaotic, crazy days? I had no internet for 2 days but wrote 9 guest posts during the 2 day stretch. I published the 9 guest posts during the 2 days following the power and internet outage.

Life is embracing change. Either complain about change and walk backwards or embrace change and sprint forward. Handling blogging disruptions with grace, balance, ease and poise makes you appear to be super human to rigid, stiff, tense bloggers who resist change. Hey; I am human just like you. I could only get a little bit of work done on the day I slept 2 hours and drove around for 3 hours, collectively, to and from the remote house sit. I never could publish 5 guest posts on such a crazy day but I did publish at least a few guest posts that day.

Handle blogging disruptions to build-a-full-time-income-blogI cannot be in optimal blogging shape after sleeping for 2 hours, listening to arguing for 4 hours, then finding out our house sitting services would not be needed. Plus we had to scramble for new lodging when we assumed we'd be there for a month. I prioritized the situation; getting a roof over my head means more than writing and publishing 5 guest posts. But after helping my wife with research and securing a hotel I got down to writing again, blogging a bit during the disruption.

Handle blogging disruptions with grace, poise and balance to get some work done even as life throws chaotic curve balls your way.


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