I spent a few days answering questions on Reddit and Quora recently.

Even though I enjoyed the process I noticed something; almost none of the people I helped spent time visiting my blog to continue the conversation. This is the wrong blogging crowd for me because I am not in the business of making Reddit and Quora more successful. I appreciate the opportunity to help people but prefer to do so on my blog because helping people on Blogging From Paradise or through blogs linking to Blogging From Paradise helps me succeed as I help more folks.

I hung out in the wrong blogging circles for a few days but corrected my error immediately. How can I succeed if I mingle with people who do not visit my blog, engage me, read my posts, buy my eBooks and courses and promote me? Detaching from blogging outcomes plays a chief role in thriving online. But there comes a point where bloggers realize whether or not they need to exit blogging circles to move into higher, more prospering circles.

Usually, spotting a pervasive energy among a blogging crowd clues you in. Most folks on Reddit seemed appreciative enough. However, a few seemed combative. More than that though, I did not see the effort being made to take the discussion off of Reddit onto my blog. Most Reddit users want free advice. I offer free advice and paid advice. If a crew wants only free advice exclusively I drop this crew like a hot potato. I offer more than enough free advice on Blogging From Paradise Dot Com. I do not own Reddit. Since I own my blog and not Reddit it makes sense to spend most time on my blog and on blogs like Joy’s as she allows me to link to my blog. Plus Joy owns her blogging real estate.

Do you hang out in the wrong blogging circles? Do you need to move into higher blogging circles? Observe your blogging campaign. Connect with serious bloggers. Let go everyone else.

Thrive by networking in high energy circles. As a rule, the highest energy circles pay for blogging advice via courses, eBooks and coaching. Social media sites and free Q and A sites like Reddit and Quora tend to attract bloggers who want free advice and tire kick when it comes time to pony up, to pay up and to hire blogging coaches or to invest money in their blogging courses and eBooks.

Serious bloggers help you freely in some way, shape or form. For example, Joy tirelessly promotes all guest posts I place on her fabulous blog. She is good people. In addition to being a skilled blogger, Joy also generously helps fellow bloggers. I fill my blogging circles with serious bloggers who blog like her.

Hang with positive, skilled, generous bloggers. Let go all other bloggers. Move higher in blogging circles. Spot the moment you move lower in blogging circles. No disrespect to Reddit and Quora but I swiftly spotted moving into lower blogging circles after a few days on each network. I felt an intuitive nudge to begin:

  • guest blogging
  • genuinely commenting on blogs
  • blogging more frequently on Blogging From Paradise

to move higher in blogging circles.

Surround yourself with successful bloggers. Learn from their ways. Spot their habits. Raise prices on your products and services. Be all about over delivering in terms of value by generously helping people. Be all about being generous with yourself by raising the prices you charge. Move into higher blogging circles by improving your energetic profile. Give off an abundant vibe. Attract abundant bloggers, readers, clients and customers.

Everything changes as your mindset changes.