All bloggers have every right to:

  • profit
  • grow their list
  • engage their readers

in whatever manner seems fit.

But I stumble upon way too many busy blogs these days.

I found a sweet blog recently. The title sounded great. But the user experience left much to be desired. Picture dynamic ads on both sidebar and below the blog post, at the footer. Toss in a pop up. Add a scroll along the header asking for permission to send push notifications. I tried to publish a comment but the buggy blog stopped me once, twice then three times before I closed the browser. I appreciate someone intending to profit through ad revenue. But if dynamic ads prevent me from commenting I simply let the blog go. Factor in an opt-in pop up plus the push note scroll and you have 4 clear, marked, dramatic interruptions to the content I wished to read, enjoy and share with my readers.

I am patient. But if you stop me 4 times I eventually need to leave your blog sooner than later. God knows how fast most bloggers exit such sites.

Busy blogs seem to do a good job repelling readers from the very content engineered to make money. In essence, thirsty bloggers hellbent on making money through:

  • ads
  • pop ups
  • scroll bars

repel the very readers who would prosper said bloggers by forcing income channels on readers versus allowing valuable, in-depth, detailed blog content to run the show and to pad their pockets.

Imagine serving readers profit-increasing, credibility-increasing, trust-building blog content quickly, for seamless consumption. Scrap all interruptions. Allow the content to do the selling for you. After reading in-depth, helpful blog content the readers who now trust you based on the blog post:

  • join your list via your unobtrusive sidebar opt-in form
  • click your static sidebar ad

Do you see how letting content dominate your blog leads indirectly to blogging profits? Stop forcing pop ups and ads down reader's throats. Deliver content quickly. Lessen blogging interruptions. Give readers trust-building blog posts. Gain credibility. Readers who see you in a credible light:

  • buy your eBooks
  • buy your online courses
  • click your ads
  • join your email list
  • sign up for push notifications

Stop making your blog so darn busy. Slow down. Calm down. Relax. Stop being thirsty. Develop blogging posture. Place your user experience above all else. Test your blog. Do dynamic ads make commenting on your blog a slow, painful, frustrating process? Do you want to engage readers to build strong bonds or 1 penny per ad click? One loyal customer and client can help you earn more money over the years than you will ever dream of earning through advertising revenue.

Never trade a penny for a lifelong customer. Every blogger deserves to profit how bloggers see fit. But think long term profits over short term pennies. Embed ads on your sidebar. But make sure your premium hosting and ad specs create a pleasant UX through a fast-loading ad and blog. Feel free to use a popup opt-in but refrain from using a push slider simultaneously. One connection medium via email does the trick. You do not need to create blogging claustrophobia by squeezing readers with a banner up top sliding toward followers before or after a large popup consumes the screen.

Do everything with user experience in mind. Trusting readers who enjoy your content readily sign up for your email list via a sidebar opt-in form. Trusting readers who favor push notifications skip the email list opt-in to allow push updates.

Gaining reader trust by serving blog post content quickly and seamlessly forms the foundation for a profitable blogging campaign. Make this step #1 to position yourself to be a professional blogger.