Using Personal Touches To Boost Customer Satisfaction And Retention

 Winning the regard and loyalty of customers is crucial for any business – but especially small businesses. How can entrepreneurs and other small-scale vendors get this loyalty? By utilizing social media, transaction records and a little creativity, anyone can entice customers to return again and again. Here are some ways to win greater customer loyalty with modest, personalized gestures and why it’s important to do so.

Have you received an unexpected gift or note after a purchase? Think about how it made you feel about the company. By adding a personal touch to a purchase, follow-up message or birthday greeting, businesses can make customers stop for a moment and realize there’s a person behind the name. This form of humanizing a company can be impactful on shoppers and it can have a reciprocal impact on you.

Nowadays, with social media and other online platforms, a customer can become an online ambassador for your organization. Spreading awareness and saying good things about your services or products is momentous. Don’t underestimate this online form of word-of-mouth (WOM).

Referrals and WOM are two of the best ways to bring in loyal customers and increase your retention rate. In fact, customers acquired through WOM have a 16-25% higher lifetime value than those acquired from other sources.

What are some approaches you can take to improve consumer opinion of your organization? One method to show you’re more than just a business is to include a handwritten thank you card with purchase. In today’s digitally driven world, receiving a handwritten note stands out. Go a step beyond and include the customer’s name at the top. While this may seem trivial to some and too much work to others, sometimes a little thing like including a name is all it takes to change a new customer into a loyal customer and possible brand advocate.

Next, consider adding a surprise to the package. Including a small gift or company swag is a great way to make a positive impression and could help keep your organization fresh in your customers’ minds. As one of the five love languages, gift-giving could be an effective tactic in showing you care. Another way to improve brand awareness and appearance is to use custom labels and packaging. From homemade ornaments to candles, showcasing your logo with signature labeling is a huge step in creating brand credibility and value no matter your market.

Lastly, be sure to always follow-up. Whether its via email, a social channel or regular mail, sending a message allows you to say “thank you” personally. It also provides an opportunity to share a recommendation based on your customer’s purchase, let them know about a rewards program, ask them for feedback or suggest they share their experience on social media.

When it comes to winning a customer’s devotion, it’s often the small gestures that are remembered and appreciated the most. For more techniques you can use to enhance client interactions, please see the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by Evermine.