After pumping my guest blogging brakes for a few months I decided to write and publish this guest post.

Seizing the opportunity feels good to me.

But if I pondered then resisted seizing the opportunity I would have lost the opportunity.

Losing opportunities to grow your blog traffic results in decreased blog traffic. Seizing opportunities increases your blog traffic.

The concept is simple: seize blogging opportunities to help people. Succeed.

However, most seem allergic to seizing opportunities for helping people due to fear in the mind. Bloggers fear wasting time. Some fear failing. Others fear being criticized. Each time fear appears to scare you into resisting an opportunity you lose the opportunity.

Abundance Mindset

A few moments after I logged into this blog I realized how my tribe sharing thresholds hit various daily limits on a few networks. Even though I will continue to update and re-publish blog posts on Blogging From Paradise I decided to publish this guest post to help readers through Joy's blog because she reaches out to a different audience than I. Joy also shares her posts on both tribes through which I share my blog posts. Perhaps Blogging From Paradise hit sharing thresholds on each network but Joy has not. This presents me with a fabulous opportunity to help bloggers with sound blogging tips in amplified fashion.

I win. Joy wins. You win. We all win. But we all win because me, Joy and you co-create insights, platforms and success for one another through opportunities seized.

Seizing opportunities requires you to blog from an abundance mindset. Blog abundantly by freely helping readers with no expectation of anything in return. Embody this concept patiently and persistently. Eventually, free help you offer through:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

increases your:

  • skills
  • credibility
  • exposure

enough to go pro, assuming that you opened a few income streams.

Help people for free to help people for pay. Be generous by seizing blogging opportunities to help people for free.

Beware losing opportunities to help people for free. You and I have 24 hours today to help people for free through blogging, guest blogging, podcasting or live broadcasting. Each time you refuse to grab and use an opportunity to help someone you lose the opportunity. Losing opportunities to help people accelerates your blogging failure. Failing bloggers tend to quit sooner than later.

Either you seize or lose blogging opportunities to serve readers.

Do you want to go pro?

Grab opportunities to help readers now. Use whatever mediums you can to help people. Record and upload a podcast. Write and publish a blog post. Step into an abundance mentality. The moment I hit tribal sharing thresholds I immediately understood why I had logged in to Joy's blog a few moments prior. The universe nudged me to seize and use the opportunity to help you guys; I honored the intuitive nudge versus calling it a day.

Beware; the ego tries to con you into believing being generous in helping people is hard work. In reality, the opposite rings true. Trying to help yourself all day long by worrying solely about yourself is the hardest work imaginable! No one works harder than a self-obsessed human being.

Helping other people feels uncomfortable sometimes but almost always feels good because serving people elicits the emotion known as love. Feeling loving makes work easier; hence the saying “a labor of love.”

Use opportunities to help people through blogging now to attract more opportunities to help people.

Accelerate your blogging success.

The more freely you help people the more seamlessly success flows to you over the long term.

Helping people inspires people to help you succeed.