I spent a few days getting into the flow of answering questions on Quora and Reddit.

Although I deeply enjoyed helping people I also spotted a pattern.

A fair number of bloggers asking questions on free platform sites like Quora and Reddit are casual bloggers.

Free Q and A sites attract people who want free advice. Even though free advice may be solid the vast majority of top notch, first class, in-depth blogging advice tends to be found in products and services, along with in-depth, thorough blog posts published on authority blogs.

For example, my eBooks and my courses yield in-depth, detailed, professional blogging advice offered in effective, easy to consume formatting. But casual bloggers have not the:

  • time
  • energy
  • financial resources

to invest in premium resources. Casual bloggers tend to want free advice.

On the other hand, serious bloggers pay money for the best blogging advice. Serious bloggers see premium products and services as investments. For example, a serious blogger immediately invests $20 in my flagship eBook to follow the steps to become a professional blogger. Casual bloggers try to piece together 10 Quora or Reddit threads to get advice for becoming a pro blogger, gratis.

No right or wrong answer exists as far as doing blogging research. Bloggers do as bloggers do based on their mindset. However, bloggers running businesses better spend most if not all of their day speaking to serious bloggers because serious bloggers invest money in products and services. Amateur bloggers eventually go pro if their readers invest money in their products and services.

I quickly spotted a trend on Reddit and Quora; Reddit users engaged me and appreciated my advice but none:

  • visited my blog
  • bought my eBooks
  • bought my courses

and no Quora users engaged me on Quora, let alone visited my blog.

Serious bloggers find me through:

  • blog posts on Blogging From Paradise
  • guest posts I publish
  • genuine blog comments I publish
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Serious bloggers follow blogs closely to get high quality free and premium blogging advice. Hang out with this crowd. Surround yourself with serious bloggers. Target serious bloggers as your readers. Laser focus your attention and energy to align only with bloggers who commit 100% to blogging.

Everything depends on your willingness to enter serious, committed blogging circles. I had to suffer, struggle and fail in lower, casual, non-committed blogging circles for years before being disgusted enough to let go lower energies to enter into higher energy climates, blogging-wise. Bloggers like Joy commit to blogging. She maintains a busy schedule but blogs diligently.

She was one of the first bloggers who came to mind the moment I shut down Quora and Reddit today to begin guest blogging from a prolific intent, once again.

Yep guys; guest blogging and I are back in business. One clear reason is because serious bloggers tend to follow blogs versus the less serious bloggers who try to get all their blogging research done through free Q and A websites.

Guest blogging is a fabulous way to connect with serious bloggers. Networking by helping bloggers freely – through promoting others – is another smart way to bond with committed bloggers. Comment genuinely on top blogs from your niche. Befriend pros. Invest money in products and services from seasoned professional bloggers. Align with top pros by committing financially to these individuals.

Birds of a blogging feather flock together. Comment on Joy's blog. Comment on Blogging From Paradise. What does it take on your end to tap a retweet button? Link to bloggers who impress you. Share their content on Facebook. Bond with pro bloggers. Align with serious pros. Move higher in blogging circles. Build your blogging business on a granite-like foundation by surrounding yourself with committed, serious bloggers.