Look at the guy above.

He has little technical blogging knowledge. He rarely engages in blogging speak.

Yet he circled the globe as a professional blogger for a decade.

I snapped the above selfie during a 5 month trip to Panama. Hearing the words “5 month trip to Panama” tends to pique one's interest, especially if one craves sunny, warm, tropical climates, the beach and exotic birds hopping from palm tree to palm tree.

For odd reasons, bloggers tend to believe success follows:

  • complex strategies
  • technical knowledge
  • fancy terminology

or any other form of blogging speak.

People usually believe one need be super duper smart, dripping with oodles of acquired knowledge, to live their blogging dreams. But like many common beliefs, this idea is untrue. Bloggers usually need to either gain a smidge of technical knowledge or hire someone to do heavy tech lifting but complex strategies are failing strategies and fancy terminology confuses, versus clarifying.

Bloggers tend to get lost in a sea of technical details, complex strategies, fancy themes and trendy topics. Stepping down this blogging rabbit hole leads to wasted seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months then years. Meanwhile, I just write and publish posts, befriend bloggers by being truly helpful and circle the globe as a pro blogger. Becoming a pro blogger requires ample learning and diligent practice but complexity is zero part of the blogging process. Using and teaching fancy blogging terms confuses readers and yourself. Confusion precedes failure. Simplicity clarifies.

For example, I woke at 5 AM today feeling one question on my mind: “How can I be truly helpful?”

A few ideas entered my mind. Guest post for Lisa at Small Biz Tipster and Joy.

I executed each idea. After sleeping in a few I will wake to ask the same question again.

Does it get any simpler?

Does any shred of blogging speak rear its confusing, complex, failure-inducing head?

Simple wins. Listen to reader problems. Solve with content. Help fellow bloggers to engage in outreach. Monetize through multiple channels.

Simple wins. Listen to reader problems. Solve with content. Help fellow bloggers to engage in outreach. Monetize through multiple channels. Click To Tweet

Follow these fundamentals diligently. Be generous. Relax. Blogging is not terribly hard logically because you and I can do simple things seamlessly. However, blogging feels uncomfortable emotionally sometimes because fear arises in mind on simple journeys. Fear craves to make simple, complex, because not enough traffic or money appears to be manifesting. Beware the moment ego-fear attempts to scare you to migrate from simple to complex. Take a deep breath. Feel fear to release fear. Proceed from a relaxed, generous vibe to keep doing simple things.

I only intend to be truly helpful today. Whether embodying this intent means:

  • blogging
  • guest blogging
  • podcasting
  • creating videos
  • networking

or any other activity, simple is my buzzword. I have lived a cool life based on simplicity, right down to my digital nomad lifestyle. I chose not to clutter my life with the complexity of things. I own a laptop, Chromebook, backpack, carry-on, one week's change of clothes, a pair of sneakers and mock crocs. My wife and I either house sit or rent. We own a car to get around in the States, but that is it. We own no house but find home wherever we arrive because home is a simple, calm state of mind. Both my wife and I embody that simple mind and also allow the simple vibe to bleed through our blogs and businesses.

Keep blogging simple. Create and connect. Be with discomfort arising in mind manifest as fear. Do not resist fear because doing so leads to blogging speak, complexity and other failing habits guaranteed to bring suffering.

Blogging success is in simplicity.

Do you need to simplify your blogging campaign?

How can you make blogging more simple?