I scanned the sidebar here a few moments ago.

Joy posted an embed for a free system to build a business.

Reading this sidebar content woke me up. I immediately considered my blogging campaign. Do I build a business? Or do I build a permanent job? A business is something that:

  • renders useful service to people
  • builds income
  • becomes an asset
  • eventually gets handed to family or becomes sold to a bidder

Observe all empire owners. Each tends to sell their business to be free of the business. Elon Musk became iconic on selling Paypal for a fortune then re-investing virtually every penny into multiple businesses. He freed himself of one business to begin multiple businesses. However, no business is a permanent job to him. He does not marry himself to a business like employees marry themselves to jobs. He does some work but hires employees to do most grunt work, similar to Richard Branson.

Employees only get paid if employees work a set time or work on set tasks. Employees trade time for money. If you give no time you get no money. Jobs are 100% reliant on your:

  • presence
  • work
  • time
  • energy

in order to make even 1 cent.

Some business owners treat their ventures like a permanent job. If the business owner takes 1 week of vacation everything crashes. Zero business profits, zero business growth and zero expansion occur during the week off because the profits, growth and expansion are 100% reliant on the entrepreneur's:

  • presence
  • work
  • time
  • energy


The entrepreneur appears to own a business but the appearance is an illusion. In reality, the individual works a permanent job 100% dependent on the presence, work, time and energy of the individual. If your business depends entirely on you the venture is a permanent job, not a true business. The way to build a genuine business is to slowly but steadily make decisions that free you from business tasks.

Most entrepreneurs hire employees to build companies. Employees handle most tasks. Eventually, entrepreneurs sell companies to move on to something else. Other entrepreneurs may not hire employees or begin a company but leverage effectively to work minimally. For example, I am still learning the process of gaining exposure but chose to write and sell eBooks and to create and sell courses to create a passive income model. I intended to not trade time for money because I tired of working jobs prior to blogging. I will eventually sell Blogging From Paradise or convert it into an almost 100% passive business. I could never do either if the business depended on me working from a laptop for 10 hours daily through coaching, consulting or any active income model. Passive income is my #1 intent because I wish to free myself through my blogging business.

As an example of divorcing myself from my business, I will write and publish this guest post. After stepping away from my:

  • laptop
  • blogging duties
  • business

for a number of hours, Joy will likely promote the post on Twitter and Facebook to her community. Not only will her readers see the guest post through her blog, her Twitter followers and Facebook friends will see the post. All of these people will see my name, content and blog link pointing to my blog content, eBooks and courses, all while I am hiking around a forest in Georgia, napping or doing yoga. This is one example of leveraging to build a business that does not depend heavily on you, your work, your time and your effort. Helping other people with free, valuable content is one way to organically involve other bloggers in your business building efforts, all through the principle of sowing and reaping.

Again guys; I am learning with you. I still have to put in some work. Plus I am discovering how to leverage more effectively in order to free myself from my blog, business and to either sell Blogging From Paradise or to make it almost entirely passive. I simply intend to remind you: either you are growing a business that evolves into an asset that frees you or you treat your business like a permanent job that collapses the moment you step away from the venture.

Everything depends on your intent, mindset and strategy to either free yourself or bind yourself through your business.