How to keep blogging by Ryan BiddulphImagine if Mark Zuckerberg said in 2004: “Only 1 Facebook user can publish 1 post weekly”.

Do you think Facebook would have 2,000,000,000 users now?


Mark Z began his site with an abundant mindset. He made it as easy as possible for as many humans as possible to publish as much user generated content as possible, for a LONG time. Now he is worth $70 billion and may be the most powerful person on earth. 2/7ths of humanity signed up for his website. Think of that. For just a minute.

Even though I paid for an entire year's worth of hosting on my VPS, I still feared diving 100% to blogging from an abundant mindset on Blogging From Paradise. I feared getting too much user generate content would crash my VPS.

Fear scared me into believing:

  • too many people would comment on my blog
  • too many people would guest post on my blog
  • I would water down my brand
  • I would damage my reputation
  • I needed to be in complete control of my blog and every word published on my blog

and that I would flood my VPS, crash my site and fail horribly.

About 1 month ago, I read Mark Z's Wikipedia page, and something clicked: he changed humanity by largely adopting a genuine, 100% abundant mindset with Facebook. No barriers to entry. Pure inclusion.

I established and held an intent: going forward, I would be as genuinely abundant as I can with Blogging From Paradise and with guest posts I write for fellow bloggers.

I do maintain certain quality guidelines – no grammar errors and some value needed – but my blog is open to anybody who wants to guest post on my blog, at any time.  If you write a 600 word blogging tips post that yields value and emits a clean, clear, vibe, I will place it immediately. Abundance. No fear or exclusion involved. Only love, inclusion, value, abundance and success.

One Important Qualifier

Blogging is energy. If you have fun doing what you do blogging-wise, you succeed. Opening my blog to guest posting feels fun and easy, so I do it. Writing tons of guest posts feels fun and easy, so I do it.

Adopting a genuine abundant mindset with your blog works wonders if it feels fun and easy. But opening your blog up to guest posts because you fear not getting enough traffic and profits leads to failure because fear leads to failure, while love leads to success.

Publish It Now

If someone sends you an excellent guest post, publish it now. Be abundant. Detach from outcomes. Detach from fears. Imagine if Mark Z. only allowed 1 member to join Facebook weekly? Imagine if he only allowed members to post once daily? No user generated content. No success. He puts few limits on Facebook user generated content so there is no limit on Facebook's exposure, and there are no limits on his wealth. Doesn't that make sense? Give freely, act abundant, receive massive exposure, receive easily.

Do not wait. Do not be stingy. Do not fear helping too much with too much content. Do not fear people unsubscribing to your list or ceasing to follow your blog. Nudge into fear. Publish the post. Leave your comfort zone. Step into developing a genuinely abundant, detached blogging mindset.

Before writing and submitting this post for Joy and you, a fear flashed across my mind:

“Am I writing and submitting *too many guest posts* for Joy? Should I stop?”

I felt the fear. I let it go. I wrote the post.

Too much happiness, help, love, assistance and value does not exist in a Universe of abundance.

Joy can publish this post whenever it feels good and fun to her, or she can turn it down. No worries.

Accept quality guest posts from folks. Allow quality guest posts on your blog.

Step into the spirit of abundance to have fun and to see increasingly easy blogging success as your online exposure mushrooms exponentially.

You may not be the next Facebook, but when all those bloggers are driving massive traffic to your blog with user generated content and when all of your guest posts do the same you gradually see blogging success occurs easily when you think and act abundantly for a sustained period of time.

Thanks Ryan Biddulph

… for yet another excellent article 🙂