I spend 6-9 or more hours daily writing blog posts, recording videos and writing guest posts to share free value and to promote my eBooks. Virtually everything else is getting sidetracked with blogging small potatoes. Really. I love engaging folks and suggest you chat folks up on social media and through email and via blog comments, too. A wee bit, at least. But never get lost in small potatoes activities when you should be writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts routinely.

You and I shift from blogger to social media marketer, sometimes. Goodness knows I do. But I catch myself fast and get back to blogging – writing blog posts and guest posts – versus social media marketing. Bloggers engage a bit on social but bloggers need to be blogging a bunch to become pro bloggers. Of course, bloggers complain about not having time to blog but on observing their day, many spend hours doing stuff other than blogging. All bloggers have ample time to actually blog but if you choose to do stuff other than blogging, how can you go pro? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give it to blogging and blogging grows. Give it to social media and social media grows. Give it to watching Hulu and your knowledge of Hulu grows. You choose.

I feel a bit amped up right now so at 4:30 AM it’s blogging time. Blogging time means writing this guest post for Joy because bloggers write blog posts and guest posts, primarily. Even though social media chats play roles in blogging, these are tiny roles. Think of social media being a “B” actor and writing blog posts and guest posts as being Hollywood leading men and leading women. Right now, write a blog post before you do anything else. Or you risk getting sidetracked in genuinely non-essential activities like scanning your blog sidebar layout, obsessing over heat maps, fiddling with your email opt-in form for 20 minutes and desperately trying to respond to all 45 retweets you feel you NEED to respond to, today. Guess what? How quickly will your blogging campaign grow if you spend hours doing these things and no hours writing and publishing a blog post today? Not too far.

Observe your tendency to sidetrack. I became ruthlessly efficient with my email last week to avoid spending even 20 seconds being sidetracked with replying to potential clients. These days, every email interaction is down to about 10-15 seconds. I scan in 2-5 seconds and reply in under 10 seconds. I have no time to give more time to email because scanning and replying to email is blogging small potatoes and no one scales masterfully by getting lost in blogging small potatoes.

to become influential blogger do not get sidetracked with blogging smallpotatoesPeople love to know my secret to publishing 10-12 posts daily. Here it is. Read this post. I do not waste time doing much else save creating blog posts and guest posts daily. Sure I spend a few moments commenting. Toss in spending a few moments engaging on social media and checking email. But most moments wind up being spent on creating blog posts and guest posts because bloggers do these things, primarily. Everybody else gets way too lost, as they are sidetracked in blogging small potatoes.


Do you want to focus on important blogging activities?

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